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Albion Online Strategy Guide to Progress Crafting and Gathering

Because of its sandbox in nature, gathering and crafting are two most important features in Albion Online. In this article, we are going to talk about tips and tricks to progress your crafting progression at the fastest rate possible.

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Resources are the most important part of crafting. And they all can be obtained through gathering. Basically, you need to find areas where resources are not overly gathered. It is hard to find in both PvE areas and even in limited PvP areas.

One strategy to do that is to head to an area where the higher tier of the material you want is available. For example, if you are planning to gather a tier 2 material, try to find an area with tier 2-4 materials. In these areas, tier 2 will not be gathered very much since other players only focus on tier 3-4 materials.

This gathering strategy goes the same way when you want to gather tier 3 or higher quality materials. Just only go to a zone where higher tiers materials are available.

Bring Ox Instead of Horse

The next thing is to make sure you bring an ox. Although an ox is slower than a horse, it can carry a lot more stuffs. Because of this, an ox is going to help you gather effectively by making sure you have lots of resources before heading back to town. After maximizing an ox, you can carry as high as 800% more resources.

One thing you need to be careful while traveling with an ox is ranged monsters. They can attack you while you may not be able to attack them back if you are a melee. On the other hand, it can be okay if you are a ranged class.

albion ox

Ox, your best gathering companion

Bring Multiple Tools

It is also recommended to bring multiple tools with you on the resource gathering trip. For example, you should bring multiple mining axes when you are planning to mine ores. Without them, it’s hard to gather 800% on your ox since it will break before that. At least, carry 2-3 pickaxes with you. This way, you will not have to worry your tool will break before going back to town.

Also, it is important to gather all tier materials. For example, if you are trying to gather tier 3 materials, you need to gather both tier 3 and tier 2. Tier 2 material is still important to make tier 3, same thing with a higher tier. You will need tier 4 for tier 5 material and so on. Just only gather all tier materials every time you come across with regardless of what you are gathering.


Choose Your Own Specialize

There are many players out there trying to craft everything. This is an incorrect way to progress crafting. Instead, it’s recommended to only focus on a specific item you want to use and specialize in each crafting progression.

Crafting a higher tier weapon and armor requires a lot of resources, money, and time. It is next to impossible to craft all types of weapons and armors without a big investment. The better way to progress is to only craft your favorite gear and cooperate with your friends or guild members to craft the other.

This way your whole guild can progress all crafting progressions resulting in the ability to craft higher tier for all armors and weapons types.

destiny board

Progress your crafting professions through Destiny Board

Craft One Piece At A Time

Same goes for choosing your specialization; you should not craft all pieces at the same time. Instead of crafting helm to chest piece to boots and so on, you should only focus on one piece at a time. This way you are going to progress crafting a lot faster.

For example, if you craft tier 3 in order to unlock tier 4, you want to craft just only tier 3 plate helm and keep crafting it until you can unlock tier 4. Then once you have done that, move on to other parts such as chest piece and so on.

Find Low Tax Vendor or Building

Finding a vendor or building that has a very low tax is a key to saving money. Sometimes it can be hard to find especially after the official game release since people are going to increase tax a lot.

In case you cannot find it, it’s better to be a member any guild where you can build a building for your guild and take advantage of having low tax.

Salvage Instead of Selling

You should not sell your gear at all cost if your aim is to progress crafting. There are a lot of players out there trying to sell their equipment through live chat or auction house. It is a quick way to make some silver, but your crafting progression can be heavily hindered as well.

When you sell gear for silver, you are losing all gathered resources. You just only get silver for profit in return. And that’s it. Instead of selling, salvaging instead for resources by an NPC that can repair your gear.

Salvage gives you half of the resources back that you craft with some silver. Because of this, salvaging is going to help you level up crafting progression a lot faster. You always have more resources and silver.

Craft for Other Players

Also, it’s recommended to cooperate with other players by developing relationship and craft for them. This way you are going to use their resources as well as silver instead of spending your own. And they can get a free crafted item in return. It’s very helpful and benefits for both players.

You can also use some marketing techniques for that. You can tell other players through live chat that you will craft gear for free or with small fees if they provide all required resources and silver. This crafting leveling strategy can be even more effective for higher tier equipment since they require tons of time, silver, and resources.

Ally with Guild

Ally yourself with guilds that regularly need crafted gear such as a PvP guild is another thing you should do to leveling crafting progression. This type of guild is in need of higher tier equipment all the time. Remember that you risk a chance of losing gear in Albion PvP. These bloodthirsty guilds always need at least tier 4-5 gear to go out and fight with other players.

The PvP guild will provide you both resources and silver regularly so that you can craft gear for them. And that’s really going to help you progress to a next tier really quickly. Just like a previous marketing technique, you can craft for free or have they paid small fees.

albion pvp guild fight

Ally with this type of guild to maximize leveling your crafting!


Beginner and Advanced Way of Silver Making

There are uncountable ways to make silver, a main in-game currency, in a sandbox MMORPG like Albion Online. In other MMORPGs, gold can be obtained generally through killing monsters, crafting, and trading with other players. However, Albion Online offers more than that. Being a sandbox MMORPG, there are more advanced ways to farm silver in Albion. Let’s talk in details.

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Beginner Silver Making

Kill a Humanoid Monster

The first way to make silver is to kill a humanoid monster. This is a pretty obvious and common way. However, since this type of mob is the main target for other players as well, a number of silver drops can be quite low when they are overkilled.  It can be a problem especially for new players. Every time they kill a mob, they will get only around 20 silver. It means they need to kill at least 10 mobs for 200 silver.

Because of this problem, making silver through killing the humanoid monster isn’t that effective unless you can find a good farming location with groups of humanoid mobs and fewer players.

These locations are mostly in PvP area, where they have a high tier humanoid monster with fewer players. However, this area can be risky of getting yourself killed. It should be better to travel in a group.

PvP Area offers really good rewards since it contains high tier monsters, fewer players, and dungeons. Dungeon run with a large guild or group usually provides with abundant of money as well as high-level equipment and rare items.

Aware of Guild Tax
If you have a guild, rewards can be a bit lower considering the tax rate you need to pay for your guild. The amount of silver you obtained either from simply killing a humanoid monster or a dungeon run are subject to tax to your guild.

Humanoid monster also drops gear and items that can be sold for an additional profit in the market. It means that killing this type of mob gives you both silver and gear at the same time.


Gathering is also another good way of making silver in Albion Online. With gathering, you can sell both unrefined and refined resource on a local market.

Gathering is not the best way to make money because it can slow down your character progression especially in crafting. There’s no way to progress in crafting if all resources are sold.


You can make money by crafting item from your gathered resources and sell it on a market. It is very beneficial especially when you are selling equipment that is always in high demand such as high tier weapons and armors.

Crafting is a better way of making money than gathering. You can both progress your crafting skill at the same time as sell crafted item, which normally have a higher price than resources. `

A recommended crafting strategy is to gather necessary resources and craft any item that you already have. But before you craft it, you should ask other people through a general chat in order to find out is there anyone who want your crafted item or now.

For example, you already have a tier 4 sword. And you have both sufficient resource and skill to craft this one. Ask other people first is there anyone want to buy it. If there is, sell your tier 4 sword to that person and craft a new one for yourself.

If nobody wants it, you still have all resources with you. It’s better than crafting any item right away and cannot sell it. You will lose resources without getting anything in return.

This is more effective way of selling thing through general chat. Selling item first before you craft that item. And only craft once you have a buyer.

crafting in albion

Farming and Cooking

You can also make silver from farming and cooking in Albion Online as well. Remember, “guild and building need food”. Food is a must-have item in order to maintain upkeep and all building both for an individual player and a guild.

Because of this, food will always be in high demand. You can sell food for a decent price because all sources of food are necessary to keep building up, making a higher tier building as well as expanding territories.

While selling food to other players, there’s no way to need to sell it through general chat or local market. Instead, you can go to any building in the city that is occupied by other players. It will show “silver per nutrition point” set by the building owner when you click it. And the amount of silver you make will be equal to nutrition point.

Offer Services

You can also be able to make silver by focusing on something that nobody does it before, like a real life business. One suggestion would be to offer service to other players. For example, you can offer yourself to be a player or guild gatherer. And you can get paid by fee per resource or even per number of hours.

In case you have a really high-level equipment, you can even offer a protective service to other players. Remember that rare resources mostly lies in a PvP area. And when someone would like to venture into this zone, you and your friends can be that person bodyguards.

These are a few examples of how to make silver outside of the general way.

Advanced Silver Making

Playing with Market

Market is the first thing we are going to talk about. It can be really beneficial if you understand the rules of demand and supply. And you can make a lot of money from the auction house and market without having to do anything.

It may take time to understand the system as well as to find out which item is worth looking for. But the rewards from this method is quite high.

The usual way of making silver through a market is to buy low and sell high. You can purchase an item at a lower price from general chat and sell it higher through a market.

You need to remember that a market is very risky. You need to make sure that you can make a profit from any item you buy. Otherwise, you might have too many unnecessary items in possession and unable to sell them.

It’s the rule of high-risk high-return. If you know the market, go for it. If not, it’s better to stay away. You can also practice by focusing on low-value item first and make your way through higher value item once you earn sufficient how-to.

You cannot just simply buy a horse for 12k and sell for 15k silver and end up getting 3k profits. Instead, it might turn out that you can sell this horse at only 9k. Practice first before using this advance method.

Buying Land and Building

Buying land and building is a high investment that usually gives you wealth in return. Depending on the location of your building, this can result in a large silver income. Before doing it, it might be necessary to have the highest tier building in the area in order to get enough traffic to your building as well as good tax rate that people are willing to pay.

It’s also important to have land that is close to the center of town which is where the bank and market are. However, those can be very expensive. So, you need to invest a lot at first.

It takes a lot of resources to upgrade building as well. You need to have either friends or guilds to help to the next tier. In addition, these buildings and lands need high upkeep. You need to pay the daily fee in order to maintain them. And the daily fee is much higher if the location is close to the center of the town.

You need to also keep the building fed. Major problem will come if you run out of food since you will not be able to use that building at all. They are a couple ways to get around with it. You can offer silver fee per nutrition point as mentioned earlier in the Food and Cooking section.

It’s always important to make sure that you make a lot more than the cost of maintaining and upkeep your building. As long as you are able to make the building popular, upgrade, upkeep, keep it fed, you will make a lot of silver in return. And you are going to get high profit from buying building and land.


PvP is another great way to make money but can also be the riskiest way as well. You need to have a very decent party and equipment before venture into a PvP zone. It’s always not recommended to go to a PvP solo and try to kill other people. Else, you are going to get yourself killed and lose a lot of silver.

When killing other players in a limited PvP area, you have to keep in mind that they are only knocked out. However, they do drop some silver based on their level. So, you need to go to a full PvP zone and get the most reward from killer other players here. Read this article to learn more on limited and full PvP areas

If you main target should be a player wearing tier 4-5 gear since they are going to give you big rewards. You can take all their gears after killing them. One thing to keep in mind is that when players are dead, they will lose abilities from the items. You need to repair these items first after loot before selling.

PvP will give you a lot of silver since you can get a lot of high-level gear. You make a profit by selling this equipment. (If you are not getting yourself killed)

albion online full pvp

Silver and Fame Farming Guide and Location

One of the easiest ways to farm silver and fame in Albion Online is to go to a specific spot having a high density of humanoid monsters, which is the only mob that drops silver. It’s possible to farm silver as a solo player. You do not need to play with friends or any party for a dungeon run. All you need to do is to go to a specific area, run around, and farm all silver you want.

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Where to Farm

A good location for farming fame and silver are Toadmarsh and Rabbithill. They are located in the Northwest of Seamouth, an important port city in Albion Online. Be careful that these areas are limited PvP zone. You can be killed by other player with marked with red dot on the map.

Toadmarsh and Rabbithill have a high density of tier 5 humanoid mob which usually drops 50 to 500 silver depending on how long it has been spawned. Each mob also gives you 8 fame which is rather high comparing to other places in the world. It’s recommended to run around in the middle area in a circle where monster density is pretty high.

Usually, you should get at least 10k silver and 350 fame in every 20 minutes. However, the number of silver obtained from the second 20 minutes should be down to around 5k since monsters are just newly born. This causes some mobs to drop almost 500 silver and some only 52.

If you have been in the area for a awhile and already killed some mobs, it’s not efficient in term of farming silver. It’s better to move around to other nearby places such as Rabbithill where the same tier humanoid mobs are found. Then, go back and forth between these places.

Fame rate, on the other hand, is going to be consistent. You are going to get 8 fame per kill. It’s a great way to progress your character here in case you would like to upgrade your armor and weapon tier.


Remember that mobs here are tier 5 humanoid. They can be difficult to kill. It’s recommended to equip at least tier 4 equipment, preferably tier 5. These will give you enough protection, damage, as well as buffs.

It’s also important to bring healing items with you. It can be either buff from gear or food to prevent you from being killed as well as giving you a chance to survive a lot longer.

Another thing to be aware is to always keep your eyes on the minimap at all time. It’s a limited PvP zone. If you spot any people with red dot around you, flee away. You will definitely do not want to get killed by PvP player. Else, you will lose all significant amounts of silver when you are dead.

When you have at least tier 4 equipment, farming fame and silver at Toadmarsh, Rabbithill, and nearby areas is a decent way to go. It gives enough silver for purchasing a higher tier equipment as well as fame to progress your character.

albion humanoid artwork