5 Things I Learn from the Albion Online Beta

The Albion final beta has been launched for a while with the game release around the corner. And you should not miss the opportunity to play the game. Is it prettier much exciting and polished than the previous beta? The Albion land is quite large, and you have no reason to explore the whole thing in a single session. Do bit by bit as you up your skills. So what have I learned in the Albion Online Beta? Well, it’s quite plenty. At first, I didn’t think I would love the game.

Reading from the previous beta reviews, the points directed how the game was a hardcore and grind like hell. But having played my fair share, I think I would give my second opinion on the match. If you understand what kind of MMO player, you are and also differentiate the type of activities you would want to carry out. Here are the amazing things that I did learn from the Albion Online Beta;

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Your World, Your Rules

It is a sandbox game and, therefore, you have the capability to do virtually anything that you want. If you feel industrious, you can easily create your network of stations, shops and crafting and charge the players a premium to use them. Isn’t that a good way to earn? Well, you should try, and you will not regret. The efforts your put will determine how much you will earn and if you are industrious well enough, you can end up having Albion, almost half of it.

The Albion Beta has many benefits that will trigger you to play the game. You have the capability to buy your island. Aren’t you happy that you have the power to choose what you want to do? Well, I guess you will. I managed to own my player island. It is quite an exciting journey that will help you to make progress, develop your destiny and make money.

You can build everything in Albion

You can build everything in Albion

Your World, Their Rules

If you have played the Albion Online Beta, you will then understand it is a living world, and that walking through it, you will face some consequences. How adventurous are you? If you want to remain perfectly fine for your life, then you can choose the safe zones. If you are an adventurous person, then you can step on the PVP zones. Remember that when you die in this game, you will then end up losing everything from your clothes to what you had in the inventory.

The scary part is when you get killed by the player, he will end up looting your corpse and take away anything you have assuming that you forgot to keep them safe in the city chest. Then if you are not a risk taker, it is advisable to remain in the safe zone. If you want to proceed forward, go as a group and keep everything safe in the city chest.

Something for Everyone

The best part of Albion is that it has something for everyone. I have played as a solo player though I know this won’t take me far in the game. Yogi should understand that every armour and weapon design is for every player. The only way to get these weapons is by crafting one by yourself or purchasing from the auction house. The excellent thing about this is the fact that you can be self-sufficient. There are also daily solo expedition dungeons that give you passive amount of silver.

As a player, you have the capability to choose a few progression systems from the Destiny Board to focus. What I can advise the single players is that don’t try to be good at everything at once, rather choose your paths well. Make a decision basing on what activities you enjoy doing and lucrative ways.

Socially gratifying

Are you a social player? Well, Albion Online Beta is then your best choice. If you join the guild, the progressing to the Destiny Board become lots easier both from a fighter and resource gatherer. Together, you will be able to do much and to ensure that everyone is sustainable. The players are working together for achieving the end goal and fighting each other for huge gains.

My honest opinion is that the Albion Online Beta has become one of the friendliest game in our century.

Play with your friends and create your own guild island

Play with friends and create your own guild island

A Massive Map

Having a large map is not the reason to declare the game awesome but rather how the plan is to make it easy on approaching the game. Unlike other MMOs, there are no in-baked games. The territories spanning from one coastal line to another makes the gaming world feels positively massive. It makes you have a grand adventure, and you can get merely dropped in a town with an underwear only on your groyne without a clue on where to go.

The population and harvesting resources will encourage you to fan out and find your little piece of land. It is one of the features that keep me glued to this game and I have fun doing it. Albion encourages you to find an area you will get comfortable

If you still have thought on whether to play the game or not, well, you should not wait any longer. It is quite exciting and adventurous. I have quite played my fair share and every time I am compelled to play more. You will manage to improve your skills if you choose the lucrative paths and always remember to choose what you enjoy doing. As I am typing this, am very eager to go back online and get to know what my club is up!

Black Zone, GvG, and Territory in Albion

One of the endgame contents Albion Online offers is the GvG system, where players can create their own guild, fight for territories, and build their own towns in black zones inside the outpost. As mentioned earlier, there are mainly four zones from blue to black.

Black Zones

Black zones are more suitable for people who would like to further advance to the end game content in Albion Online. It offers higher tier resources from tier 5 to 8, where the highest tier resources as of now found in the red zone are 6. The quantity resources found in the black zones are more than in the red zone with faster resource respawn rate.

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Being a full-PvP zone, players are risk of losing all gear once died inside the zone. Also, enemy UI indicator is removed. This encourages cooperation between groups where players need to watch one another back protecting themselves from enemy attacks that can happen at any time.

The most important point is that in black zones, guides are able to build their own town, including watchtowers, crafting stations, smiting stations, and so on. Not only has that, crafting stations on the black zone also provide more resources back from crafting. This results in a faster character progression.

Because of these reasons, guilds are fighting for territories in the black zone. With resource advantages, the character progression through the destiny board can be done much faster than a guild without any territory.

It is truly a high-risk-high-return zone. Fights will occur there regularly and players are going to die more often than living in the red zone.

Building Town

Being a sandbox MMO, guilds can create their own town inside black zones and players are able to build anything themselves. Areas provided in the town will be only flat lands. It is players duty to decide which types of building they would like to build and where.

Guild leader is the main responsible person to build towns in the black zone. He needs to regularly check guild bank and storage, and decide what to build that benefit his guild the most.

Each building requires lots of resources and efforts. It can easily take more than months to build all building necessary for the guild. This is why all guild members need to help together in order to gather sufficient resources to build and upgrade everything. Doing alone would take years.

Group Play

This is how group farming comes into play. It does not only protect guild members from being kills by enemies but also increase resource gathering speed. Resources such as leather, cotton, and stone are mainly supplied from killing certain enemies.

Both PvP and PvE players can enjoy being in the black zone. In addition to gathering, battles regularly happen inside the black zone, including fighting against other players, monsters, raids, dungeons, and bosses.

GvG Territory War

There are limited territories inside the black zones, and guilds are always fighting for it. To capture a territory, an attacking guild needs to declare war to the defensive guild first. Since every zone has its own time zone consisting of 4 hours, the GvG fight happens at the beginning of the timezone of that zone.

The guild territory fight is a fixed 5v5 between two guilds. These fights tend to happen daily. After either guild win or lose, they are able to perform a counter-attack to dominate over certain territories or other plots nearby.

When a defensive guild loses in GvG, all buildings, crafting stations, and everything inside will immediately belong to the winning guild. This includes items inside the guild chest. The only way to take them back is to win the fight with that guild.

Expedition Explained in Albion

Expedition is more like a mini dungeon where you can be done solo or as a group depending on your tiers. It can be found throughout all cities in Albion. This article is going to explain how does it work and its rewards.

To start the expedition, you need to talk with an npc located beside a blue portal. It can be found in all of the cities in all regions as well as some fields outside. Each expedition NPC has different types of expeditions and required different gear tiers.

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Requirements for each expedition is different. You may need to wear certain tier for all of your gear. And some requires you to have a minimum amount of power from your weapon and armors. And some you need to unlock specific ability in the destiny board.

Although there is a time limit inside the expedition, it is more than enough for completing it. The map showing on the button right show you where you need to go. The dungeon boss will be waiting at the end. There’s a list of monsters you need to kill in order to complete the expedition.

expedition albion


Silver is a main reward of the expedition. For completing a tier 3 expedition, you will be given 1,000 silver as a reward. There is also a daily bonus given an extra 1,000 silver if you do this expedition for the first time of that day. You can still get more silver by killing monsters inside the expedition dungeon. Normally for a tier 3 expedition, a normal monster will drop around 50-80 silver, 100 silver for mini bosses, and 500 for the dungeon boss.

The amount of silver acquired per a single expedition does not make you become immediately rich, but it is a nice addition to your pocket. Unlike hellgates, monsters inside the expedition does not drop enchanting item.

Also, you still obtain fame from killing enemies.

Expedition Strategies

Rat, archers, thief, mages, and prison wardens are four main enemies for the low-level expedition. They do not use many abilities making it an easy straightforward fight. For the harder expeditions, enemies will be much stronger, using more skills, and requires more technique to slay.

For a target selection, the mage should be your first priority because of their healing ability and high damage spell. There is no point killing other enemies when a mage is there healing them.

When an enemy is about to use a spell, there will be a red area on the floor. It is important to immediately get out of the red zone and avoid the attack. Normally, if you have tier 3 gear, there should not be any problem fighting with tier 3 enemy as long as you can dodge their skills. On the other hand, taking a hard hitting skill for a few times can severely damage your character.

Also, it is important not to be surrounded by too many enemies. If you are surrounded, it is better to run away, pull, and kill it one by one first. Dungeon boss is powerful. You should fight it one by one at all cost. Do not just stand still fighting a boss head on. Instead, run away when it executes skills, and counter with your skills and attacks as much as possible.

Upon dying, you can still restart the expedition and continue fighting inside. You will not lose your gear here. However, all of the items still lose durability. If you decide to quit, there is a cooldown preventing you to reenter the expedition for a period of time.

If you cannot complete the competition, it is recommended to learn how to successfully execute a skill rotation. Not only there are a lot of cooldown in each skill, some skill also buffs other skill damages and provide an additional effect such as life stealing. If you still have a problem, upgrade your gear.

Guide to Leveling Your Class and Gear

This article is going to talking about how gear and leveling system work in Albion Online. The leveling system in this game is different than normal MMORPGs where you can leveling up the character from level 1 to cap. Class and leveling system in Albion are mainly based on gear.

In Albion Online, there are different types of gear set where you can choose from. If you would like to play as a tank, plate armor, sword, and shield are what you should wear. On the other hand, if you want to be a mage or a support class, you just simply change the gear set to necessary gear for that class.

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It is impossible to change from a tier 5 plate armor to a tier 5 leather armor right away unless you already leveling up for it. This means that you can suddenly change from a powerful tier 5 tank player to a weak tier 1 mage within a single gear change.

Class in Albion Online does not only limit to combat but also in gathering as well. You can also wear item to help you gathering faster. For example, if you want to gather logs faster, there is a lumberjack gear set increasing your log gathering speed. You can both get more resources from resource nodes and take less time to gather them.

albion armory

Leveling Up Your Equipment

Weapons, armors, items, mount, and literately everything in Albion have tiers, starting from tier 1 to 8, at present. In order to wear a next tier armor, you need to level it up through fame. Fame is exactly the same as experience points in other games. It is required by doing certain types of thing based on that equipment.

For weapons and armors, you need to fight for a certain amount of enemies. For gathering tools, you need to gather that resources. For crafting, you need to craft certain amounts, and so on.

Starting from tier 4, leveling up to a next tier takes a lot of effort. This is where the learning point comes into play. You can immediately increase to the next level right away using the learning point once you acquire fame to a certain amount. Learning point is a free resource obtained daily without having to do anything.

Weapons and armors can be further enchanted to increase their stats. The enchanted tier 5 armor will be tier 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, and so on. Crafting and enchanting require a lot of resources and effort. Also, there enchanted items are sold at a high price on the auction house.

Gear Abilities

Each weapon and armors have their own sets of abilities. Only one ability per set can be active at a time. And they can be changed at anytime you want outside of the combat. For example, if your party lacks AOE attacks, you can switch all abilities from your gear to crowd control abilities. Because of this, even two characters with the same gear set can still have different abilities. The decision to choose abilities based on situations is extremely important in this game.

More choices of gear abilities will be unlocked on a higher tier. Meaning that a tier 2 weapon will only have less available abilities than a tier 5 weapon.

Destiny board is a place where you can unlock all abilities in the game as well as track your character progression. It separates from gathering, crafting, cooking, farming, building, planting, combat, and so on. It is possible to complete all nodes in the destiny board but it would take years.

These are mainly the idea of gear and class system in Albion Online. It is mainly based on what you are wearing. With this idea in mind, it is still possible to mix and match everything yourself such as wearing a plate armor but using a staff. This to create endless possibilities for character progressions.



Main Features Introduced in the Galahad Update

Albion Online recently introduced many new major features and minor tweaks inside the latest major update, the Galahad. The most noteworthy change is a complete overhaul of the Outland aiming to bring all players together no matter they are playing alone or as a group. The brand new royal continent layout has been brought out together with new contents to attract PvE lovers.

Galahad should be the final major update because of the official game release on July 17, 2017.

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Outland Overhaul

Outland is the unrestricted Full PvP area in Albion Online with the aspect of guild versus guild in mind. Farming their own lands, building the cities, gaining area controls, creating power, and becoming filthy rich are all belong to the guild that can dominate the outland. However, this concept idea has the main drawback: big guilds cannot fight to each other and end up beating small nearby guides. As a result, solo players and small groups cannot take part in it anymore.

To solve the problem, the Albion Online developer team has brought many changes together with adding new systems to the Outland based on player feedbacks, in order to rise up the numbers of player in the area.

Combination Between Safe and Dangerous Area

The first change is the new combination between safe and dangerous area. Outland will be separated into different types of area. The outside area of the land will be relatively safe but with lower reward in return. It is suitable for solo players and small guilds.

Moving closer to the center part of the outland, these areas should be condemned with constant group actions with ceaseless GvG battles. However, solo players and small guilds are still unable to explore them.

New Outlands Design

New Timezone System

The second major change of the outland is a new timezone system, encouraging an interaction across timezone, especially for the big guilds. In a previous system, top guilds cannot fight one another if they are in a different timezone as the distance between their locations is too large.

Thus, they expand their territory by fighting nearby smaller guilds which would not stand a chance against them. With the new update, big guilds can beat one another, no matter what timezone they are in.

More Expandable Areas

In addition, the outland hasn’t finished yet. It is still a working in the process. There are a lot more areas that can be expanded in the future. Depending on the population of the Albion Online after release, the outland will be covered more areas allowing players to fight more over undiscovered territories.

New Royal Continent Layout

Main Issues

The major current problem of Albion Online is a sole dominant city, turning other cities into complete ghost towns. Although this kind of problem happens in a lot of MMO with only a single big city, the situation is worse when happens with the open-world PvP game like an Albion Online.

There are many great areas hidden inside but nobody wants to find or discover them because of a single main hub where all players can find and trade everything there.

The major hub itself is not actually the main problem but it, instead, comes from the location. The current powerful city, Queensmarket, is located right next to a safe zone decreasing the demand of transporting valuable items though dangerous areas, including PvP zones.

The second issue is that, similar to the outland, the world is too big. Not only there are ghost towns, there are even ghost zones. This makes it very hard to find even a small PvP engagement resulting in an unchallenged gathering with little risk involved.

new royal continent

New Designs

The main goal of the Galahad update is to bring people together and populate the area. The developer would like to increase the challenge to the player through gathering as well as making the PvP happens more often like what it is supposed to be. The is a new improvement in addition to the last update on city guards.

The new map design also comes with a clear transportation route indicating an exact green to yellow and red zone, moving forward to the center of the continent. As you progress to the different tier, you will not only run into higher resources but also encounter different PvE factions.

These map tiers in the world continent go up to tier 7. Not only has it made them very rewarding, but also very dangerous zone as well. Some of the risky zones in the outland might even turn up to be a relatively safe comparing to these red zones.

The world continent will have a total of 6 cities with a clear identity and custom design. There is also has a chess-board-style world map. Right now, the developer team is working on giving a new design making it looks more natural and believable.

Minor Changes


The visual will be greatly improved in the game. The new world map will have a zoom setting giving a better picture of each zone. On top of that, the world of Albion Online now features landmark locations making it impossible to travel through certain routes.

Hidden Underground Passage

The hidden underground passage will also be included in the game allowing you to travel to the impossible zones. The passage, however, will be dangerous.


Expedition is also introduced in the Galahad update. It is a short PvE mission which is perfect for those who do not have enough time to venture out into the open world. You are required to complete all given missions within the given time.

Silver and fame are main rewards from the Expedition. You are also given royal sigil upon completing which are later be crafted into royal armors. Please do not forget that the best way to get top-tier gear in Albion Online is through crafting.

You do not lose gear upon dying while doing the expedition. Only the equipment durability is decreased and you will be transferred back to a beginning point of the mission.

Expedition can be done both as a solo and as a group (up to 5 players) and accepted from expedition masters located inside all local cities.


Guardians will also be introduced in the update. They are colossal world bosses who are defending tier 6 resource in all biomes. Each of the biomes has its own unique guardians. Although the guardians are not that difficult to kill, they have several moves that can slay all unprepared players at once.

This encourages player to bring a group of people or organization. Upon defeating the guardian, you are able to gather high amounts of tier 6 resources which can later be crafted into high tier equipment for your character.

expedition mission

Home Bases

Home bases are another important feature in the Galahad Update. Despite the name, it is not only an area where you can go and customize your own house. Instead, it is the crucial PvE grinding area suitable for all sizes of party, from a solo player to a raid size.

Home base is a map entirely dedicated into a specific faction, currently only at Morgana and Undead factions. More will be added in the near future.
Each home base has two types of boss: a daily boss and a weekly boss. The weekly boss will be globally announced, with the change of spawn time between each timezone. The weekly boss is expected to be heavily contested by players all over Albion Online.

Home Base is an outstanding of how Albion Online would like to appeal single players more. They can grind freely in PvE content and participate in the world bosses without having to fight or group up with other players.


Combat mechanics have been changed giving more crowd control options to tank, moving mobility spell to boosts, rebalancing several skills and items.

There is a new user interface design giving a more modern look. It is also optimized to work better on all platforms, including on a mobile.

New PvE track is added to the destiny board unlocking expeditions as well as giving bonuses to certain enemies. It is able to unlock spells inside the destiny board.

Altars are added across the map providing a good source of Essences dropped by Spectres, tier 6 monsters, hovering nearby.

Gatherer gear can be obtained through the destiny board giving spells and passive gathering bonuses, increasing gathering speed in total. Each type of resources has their own gear set, available from tier 4 to 8.

gatherer gear

City Guards and Royal Continents Improved in Albion

Albion Online developer team is now working on improving the two important features on the game: PvP and Royal Continents. Due to current problems, the city guards are not fearful the way they should be. Being able to only attack a single player once at a time, they cannot stop those “city camping” groups who await new players and kill them right after entering the PvP Zones.

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The problems have been becoming more severe every days and desperate a lot of players, especially the beginners. Venturing to the PvP Zones and gather precious resources alone means death. They will be killed as soon as stepping into the zone by other groups.

To solve this problem, Albion Online strengthen City Guards strength and introduce a new Outlaw debuff.

Guard Towers with the City Guards

City Guards now have the Guard Towers with powerful cannons that can significantly damage players based on their health pool and always hit the target. It means that no matter how powerful the “city camping” groups is, they will be severely damaged from the new introduced arsenals.

To further increase the City Guards strength, archers are added that can even singlehandedly defeat the entire army. City Guards and the Guard Towers will be located at the gate between PvP zones and safe zones. They are also regularly patrolling the cities to make all classes can live happily without attacking one another.

Although the City Guards will not kill players, they leave them in a very vulnerable state and may end up being killed by other players.

new guard tower

New Debuff: Outlaw

Albion Online also introduce a new debuff called “Outlaw” acting as a mark to be attacked on sight by the City Guards and the Guard Towers. The outlaw is unable to neither leave PvP zones nor access to the safe zones or the cities. Worse, they will be unable to log out of the game while the Outlaw status is being active.

There are only two ways to remove the Outlaw status, either to be killed or trying to stay alive for a few minutes.

As soon as you start attacking other players who are not an outlaw, you will be marked as an outlaw immediately. Even aiding other outlaws will give you the debuff. You can become an outlaw even while living on a Royal Island after you lose the reputation.

Big Change to the Royal Continent

Along with the more powerful City Guards and Outlaw Debuff, Albion Online is going to bring a big change to the Royal Continent design. Similar to the “city camping” problem, current players in Albion Online tend to only stay in the Queensmarket without venturing out to other cities, making most of them to be totally abandoned.

When players stay at only a single city, this causes the ideology of transportation in Albion Online to be useless. Instead of doing a high-risk-high-return trade through transporting goods through a full PvP zone, people just trades easily inside the sole city, without risking their lives at all.

In addition to that, the current Albion Online Royal Continent is too huge, leaving gathering zones to be too safe and unchallenging. Players just gather precious resources carelessly without having anything that can threaten their lives despite being in a full PvP zone.

With the new Royal Continent map, the size with be much smaller with a major city center in the heart. The city will be circled with the PvP zones and can be accessed through many ways, including tunnels to prevent city camping.

There will also be more route options throughout the maps offers a variety of transportation. The most dangerous one will be the shortest route adding further challenge to players who want to spend the less traveling time as much as possible.

Since each city has its own unique resources, it is a player choice to decide how to reap the most benefit out of trading. Which one is better between using the safest route but having the highest distance or cutting through the full PvP zones?

sample of the new royal continent layout

Zone Progression

The starting towns for new players will be circles with safe zones, giving an extra protection to them. They can freely gather resources, harvest, kill monsters, contact other players, and make their own party. After being getting used to the game, it’s the time to venture outside, including joining the guild, and participate in a much larger scale fight.

The area progression will be laid out clearly from green to yellow, red, and finally reach the city center at the heart of the biomes. The new Royal Continent design slowly increases challenge to players little by little until they are ready to venture out for the high tiers resource and partake in the full PvP fight.

Because of the tier 7 resources hidden in the red zones, they can be even more peril than the Outlands.

There will be six cities in the new Royal Continent design: 1 each for the five biomes and the last one will be located in the Royal Continent center, right at the center of PvP zones. PvP should occur more often since these zones are prospering with high-tier resources resulting in a higher rate of making silver.

In case the continent is too crowded, players are encouraged to move out to the Outlands. It is still rewarding for the big guilds to stay there and make a huge-scale PvP. For a smaller fight, it should happen inside the Royal Continent, especially around the red zones instead.

Because of the reputation system and improved City Guards, it is harder for a huge guild to just stay in the Royal Continent and loot other player corpses.

**Albion Online is still in a developing progress. All features mentioned in this article might be changed in the future.

outlands idea

Buying and Upgrading Your Private Island

This article we are going to take a look at the process of getting your private island, as well as looking at an upgrade and how to get started farming and building structures.

The very first island merchant can be found in Outrider Oasis, which is a town on the north of the starter city. It is going to be your main NPC for everything related to Island from purchasing to upgrading.

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private island

The initial cost of the beginner island is around 12,500 Silver which is pretty easy to farm up only by completing a few quests in various zones. However, upgrading the island costs a lot more and it’s getting more expensive per tier. The cost is subject to change when the game finally comes out.

You can travel out the private island though a travel planner allowing you to fast travel to all cities in Albion Online with a small fee based on distance. Also, you cannot bring items in an inventory when traveling to other cities than the one you purchased the island.

It means that before purchasing any island, it is important to make sure that it is going to be your main location where you need to regularly travel back and forth for gatherings and other related materials.

The appearance of a starter island is quite basic, full of junks, destructed items, broken houses, and trees. Initially, the provided materials are quite limited in which it might be possible to get better materials after a few patch updates.

The appearance of the Level 2 Island is cleaner and fewer junks. It unlocks the first farming section for planting vegetables or raising animals. More farming sections can be added with an upgrade.

Level 2 and above island also has a farming merchant providing many materials for farming and start making a progression in a destiny board.

Making any building in the island needs a lot of materials. It is possible to look at required materials for whatever it is that you are trying to build through an auction house. A list of all required materials can be seen from a building structure planner.

Buildings can be placed at anywhere you want. The green icon will let you know that you are able to build on that space. Once the building is planted, click on materials and apply them to the building.

The buildings need to be repaired from time to time. Also, they can be upgraded, hire NPCs to do work on the island, no matter what you are planning to do including cooking, raising animals, farming, and so on. There are always be the exact NPC you are looking for.

Farming plots can be built right away in the level 2 and above island. In case you do not have enough materials, just gather them right away from the island. For the houses and their upgrading options, it is necessary to go out and travel to other zones to gather more advanced building materials and stones.

Farming plots cannot be upgraded. In order to have a better farming, you need to upgrade an island instead.

Here is a list of all Island levels with costs and features.

  • Level 1 – 12,500 with 1 building plot
  • Level 2 – 37,500 with an additional farming plot, farming merchant, building plot, and 2 small building plots
  • Level 3 – 125,000 with an additional farming plot and 2 building plots
  • Level 4 – 325,000 with an additional farming plot and 2 building plots
  • Level 5 – 625,000 with an additional farming plot and 2 building plots
  • Level 6 – 2,500,000 with an additional farming plot and 3 building plots

Total Cost: 3,625,000 silver with 5 farming plots, 11 building plots, and 2 small building plots.

The World and Region Maps in Albion Online

The World Map in Albion Online is currently separated into two continents and can be accessed by pressing “K” on your keyboard. You can travel back and forth between each continent by boat with some silver fees.

Although it does not cost much to travel between regions, you are required to pay extra for any item you are wearing or having in an inventory. This can significantly raise the price of traveling cost.

If you are looking for more advanced strategies for Albion, this KillerGuides’ Albion Online guide is highly recommended. It is packed with insider techniques in all aspects of the game from a complete character progression, territory domination, gear mastery, to silver making techniques. In case you plan to buy Albion Gold or Silver, check MMOBUX.com

world map in albion

Map Zones

Albion Online world map has three different regions: the safe zone (green region), the limited PvP zone (yellow region), and the full PvP zone (red region).

Safe zones are PvP areas where you can journey without having to worry about being killed. Limited PvP zones are little more dangerous. You can be killed by a hostile player. However, you can see them coming as they will mark with a red dot on a region map. Read more on limited and full PvP zones from this article.

PvP zones are much more dangerous. You can be killed by any players in these zones. And there isn’t any indication of hostile players

The World Map also displays Guild Vs Guild attack route. The GvG overlay allows you to see which territories are connected to what. The region maps display more specific about that area and can be accessed by pressing “M” on your keyboard or clicking on any region on the World Map.

At the top of the map is the name of the region as well as its zone type. At the bottom of the map is the cluster info section telling you what types of resources can be found in the area, how much real estate is available and the max tier of that building can be upgraded to.

map zone sample

Map Icon Meaning

You will also see an icon of the map indicating different things. Exclamation points are the today available missions. Cave and dungeons which often have higher silver drops from humanoid are also displayed here. Your location on the map is indicated by an arrow. Your guild member will be indicated by a blue dot.

In the PvP zone, you will see territorials. These are identified by different color square. For example, blue squares are territorials owned by your guild. Purple squares are territorials owned by your allied guild. Red squares are an area owned by other guilds. And the white square is an area that currently does have an owner.

How to Start Cooking and Farming


Cooking in Albion Online goes hand in hand with farming. It is best to level them up at the same time. Farming allows you to grow all ingredients you need for cooking.

In order to start cooking, first, you need to acquire carrots. They can be both grown on your island or purchased from the marketplace. Once you have carrots, head over to cook which can be found in almost every cities. They can be identified by a pie icon on a map.

Keep in mind that cooking tax is different between each city. It is best to cook on your guild or on a personal island. Once you find the cook, you can start cooking carrot soup. You can also make bean salad if you have both carrots and beans.

You will need to cook these dishes until you reach 12,000 fame to unlock “Cook” in a destiny board. You can then start specialized in a type of cooking you want.

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Cooking Specializations

There are currently 8 different cooking specializations which can be changed upon game release.

  • Butcher – Create raw meat from animals
  • Miller – Create bread or butter
  • Sandwich Chef – Create sandwich which increases maximum health for a long period of time
  • Stew Chef – Create stew which increases combat damage for a long period of time
  • Pie Check – Create pie which increases maximum load and gathering speed for a long period of time
  • Omelet Chef – Create omelet which reduces cooldown and casting time for a long period of time
  • Salad Chef – Crete salad which increases crafting speed and quality for a short period of time
  • Soup Chef – Create soup which increases health regeneration outside of combat for a long period of time

You can specialize all of them if you wish. However, it is recommended to only specialize in only a couple of specific types due to a high amount of required fame to level them. Once you decide on your cooking specialization, you need to cook required dish to progress that specialization.

For example, if you decide to be a soul chef, you will want to start cooking wheat soup which is tier 3 until you have completed mastery at level 2. Then, you will unlock cabbage soup at tier 5 and start cooking them.

Mastery Level Bonus

Some mastery level will also reward you crafting cost reduction bonus reducing the amount of focus point it will cost when you have crafting focus turn on. Crafting focus reduces the resource used when you craft an item. For cooking, you will get some ingredients back.

mastery level


In order to start farming in Albion Online, you must first buy an island costing at 1,675 silver. After purchase, you need to upgrade it to level 2 in order to unlock farming plot. It is recommended to upgrade it til level 4 that you can have at least 3 farming plots to work with.

Once you are on your island, head to the North East region. You should see brown plots there. They are for placing farming building. The building menu can be accessed by pressing “B” on your keyboard.

You can then click on the farming tab to see all available farming buildings.

Start Farming

To start farming, you should first need to build a farm allowing you to plant and grow crops. Depending on how many farming plots you have, you also want to build a pasture allowing you to place and grow farm mill.

Keep in mind that animal must be fed. It is a good idea to have at least one or two farms per pasture. In order to build a farm, you will need to place seed on a farming plot. You will then need to provide required resource in order to construct it. Once all resources are provided, you are now able to plant and grow crops.

Seed can be purchased from a farming merchant located on your island near a farming plot. Right-click them and choose “place”. The square indicator will appear around your character showing you where the seed will be placed. You will then need to move your character to the farm in order to plant your seeds and wait for them to grow.

You can harvest them once the plants are fully grown without needing any tool. Once harvest, you will be provided 12 units of that crop as well as seeds.

Raising Animals

Farming also allows you to raise animals starting by building a pastor on a farming plot. Once constructed, you will be ready to raise animals. First, you need to purchase baby chickens from a farming merchant.

After that, place them on a pastor. It is recommended to feed them with crops from your harvest. Then, you need to wait for them to grow. When an animal is mature, it will produce a baby. You can, then, right click a baby and use them again to grow an animal.

You can also pick up the fully grown animal which can later be butchered or used as mount depending on an animal. Some animals such as chicken can be left on a pastor to provide eggs which are an important ingredient for cooking.

farming in albion

Albion Online Strategy Guide to Progress Crafting and Gathering

Because of its sandbox in nature, gathering and crafting are two most important features in Albion Online. In this article, we are going to talk about tips and tricks to progress your crafting progression at the fastest rate possible.

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Resources are the most important part of crafting. And they all can be obtained through gathering. Basically, you need to find areas where resources are not overly gathered. It is hard to find in both PvE areas and even in limited PvP areas.

One strategy to do that is to head to an area where the higher tier of the material you want is available. For example, if you are planning to gather a tier 2 material, try to find an area with tier 2-4 materials. In these areas, tier 2 will not be gathered very much since other players only focus on tier 3-4 materials.

This gathering strategy goes the same way when you want to gather tier 3 or higher quality materials. Just only go to a zone where higher tiers materials are available.

Bring Ox Instead of Horse

The next thing is to make sure you bring an ox. Although an ox is slower than a horse, it can carry a lot more stuffs. Because of this, an ox is going to help you gather effectively by making sure you have lots of resources before heading back to town. After maximizing an ox, you can carry as high as 800% more resources.

One thing you need to be careful while traveling with an ox is ranged monsters. They can attack you while you may not be able to attack them back if you are a melee. On the other hand, it can be okay if you are a ranged class.

albion ox

Ox, your best gathering companion

Bring Multiple Tools

It is also recommended to bring multiple tools with you on the resource gathering trip. For example, you should bring multiple mining axes when you are planning to mine ores. Without them, it’s hard to gather 800% on your ox since it will break before that. At least, carry 2-3 pickaxes with you. This way, you will not have to worry your tool will break before going back to town.

Also, it is important to gather all tier materials. For example, if you are trying to gather tier 3 materials, you need to gather both tier 3 and tier 2. Tier 2 material is still important to make tier 3, same thing with a higher tier. You will need tier 4 for tier 5 material and so on. Just only gather all tier materials every time you come across with regardless of what you are gathering.


Choose Your Own Specialize

There are many players out there trying to craft everything. This is an incorrect way to progress crafting. Instead, it’s recommended to only focus on a specific item you want to use and specialize in each crafting progression.

Crafting a higher tier weapon and armor requires a lot of resources, money, and time. It is next to impossible to craft all types of weapons and armors without a big investment. The better way to progress is to only craft your favorite gear and cooperate with your friends or guild members to craft the other.

This way your whole guild can progress all crafting progressions resulting in the ability to craft higher tier for all armors and weapons types.

destiny board

Progress your crafting professions through Destiny Board

Craft One Piece At A Time

Same goes for choosing your specialization; you should not craft all pieces at the same time. Instead of crafting helm to chest piece to boots and so on, you should only focus on one piece at a time. This way you are going to progress crafting a lot faster.

For example, if you craft tier 3 in order to unlock tier 4, you want to craft just only tier 3 plate helm and keep crafting it until you can unlock tier 4. Then once you have done that, move on to other parts such as chest piece and so on.

Find Low Tax Vendor or Building

Finding a vendor or building that has a very low tax is a key to saving money. Sometimes it can be hard to find especially after the official game release since people are going to increase tax a lot.

In case you cannot find it, it’s better to be a member any guild where you can build a building for your guild and take advantage of having low tax.

Salvage Instead of Selling

You should not sell your gear at all cost if your aim is to progress crafting. There are a lot of players out there trying to sell their equipment through live chat or auction house. It is a quick way to make some silver, but your crafting progression can be heavily hindered as well.

When you sell gear for silver, you are losing all gathered resources. You just only get silver for profit in return. And that’s it. Instead of selling, salvaging instead for resources by an NPC that can repair your gear.

Salvage gives you half of the resources back that you craft with some silver. Because of this, salvaging is going to help you level up crafting progression a lot faster. You always have more resources and silver.

Craft for Other Players

Also, it’s recommended to cooperate with other players by developing relationship and craft for them. This way you are going to use their resources as well as silver instead of spending your own. And they can get a free crafted item in return. It’s very helpful and benefits for both players.

You can also use some marketing techniques for that. You can tell other players through live chat that you will craft gear for free or with small fees if they provide all required resources and silver. This crafting leveling strategy can be even more effective for higher tier equipment since they require tons of time, silver, and resources.

Ally with Guild

Ally yourself with guilds that regularly need crafted gear such as a PvP guild is another thing you should do to leveling crafting progression. This type of guild is in need of higher tier equipment all the time. Remember that you risk a chance of losing gear in Albion PvP. These bloodthirsty guilds always need at least tier 4-5 gear to go out and fight with other players.

The PvP guild will provide you both resources and silver regularly so that you can craft gear for them. And that’s really going to help you progress to a next tier really quickly. Just like a previous marketing technique, you can craft for free or have they paid small fees.

albion pvp guild fight

Ally with this type of guild to maximize leveling your crafting!