Build and Class Progression System

Class system in Albion Online works a little bit different from other MMO games. You do not have to pick a class at the beginning of the game. You do not bound to any class throughout the whole game. Instead, your class is pretty much determined by what kind of gear you actually wear. Wearing plate armor and melee weapon is necessary to play as a warrior class. And you can be a ranger at any time when you change an armor and weapon type.

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Class Progression

However, this doesn’t mean that you can be a high level ranger just only you have a high tier for the ranger gear in your possession. Instead, you need to unlock ranger tier, currently max at tier 10, in the destiny board, which is the main character progression system in Albion.

Each tier in the destiny board requires a certain fame to unlock it. Fame can be gained by using that weapon and armor. The more you use it, the more fame will be obtained. And the more you unlock tier in the destiny board, the higher tier of equipment you can equip. This progression method goes the same way with crafting and gathering as well.

Another uniqueness of the class system in Albion Online is that you don’t need to wear only one specific armor type. You can mix and match everything together. For example, if you would like to play as a mage, equip its weapon to get this class skill such as healing. At the same time you are able to wear heavy armor to get more tankiness and interrupt skills, there is nothing wrong with it.

Create Your Own Build

It means you can switch weapon and armor type to find out which skill is most suitable for your character and situation. You can wear the leather helm allowing you to be invisible for a short moment. This creates a thousand of opportunities for a single character in Albion. Each weapon or armor you wear gives different abilities. It’s not necessary to play as a specific class. Instead, you can create your own style with it.

Albion Online Class is about variation. A good strategy is to try out a bunch of different builds that fits you the most. Then, you will find what playstyle feel most comfortable and most entertain with.

This is the overview of how class system in Albion in Online works. It’s pretty simple once you understand yet it’s the core part of the game. Click here to learn more about how to make a class build based on current character progression system or here if you want to know more on crafting and gathering. In case you do not have much idea about the game, this Beginner Guide 101 is for you.

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