The World and Region Maps in Albion Online

The World Map in Albion Online is currently separated into two continents and can be accessed by pressing “K” on your keyboard. You can travel back and forth between each continent by boat with some silver fees.

Although it does not cost much to travel between regions, you are required to pay extra for any item you are wearing or having in an inventory. This can significantly raise the price of traveling cost.

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world map in albion

Map Zones

Albion Online world map has three different regions: the safe zone (green region), the limited PvP zone (yellow region), and the full PvP zone (red region).

Safe zones are PvP areas where you can journey without having to worry about being killed. Limited PvP zones are little more dangerous. You can be killed by a hostile player. However, you can see them coming as they will mark with a red dot on a region map. Read more on limited and full PvP zones from this article.

PvP zones are much more dangerous. You can be killed by any players in these zones. And there isn’t any indication of hostile players

The World Map also displays Guild Vs Guild attack route. The GvG overlay allows you to see which territories are connected to what. The region maps display more specific about that area and can be accessed by pressing “M” on your keyboard or clicking on any region on the World Map.

At the top of the map is the name of the region as well as its zone type. At the bottom of the map is the cluster info section telling you what types of resources can be found in the area, how much real estate is available and the max tier of that building can be upgraded to.

map zone sample

Map Icon Meaning

You will also see an icon of the map indicating different things. Exclamation points are the today available missions. Cave and dungeons which often have higher silver drops from humanoid are also displayed here. Your location on the map is indicated by an arrow. Your guild member will be indicated by a blue dot.

In the PvP zone, you will see territorials. These are identified by different color square. For example, blue squares are territorials owned by your guild. Purple squares are territorials owned by your allied guild. Red squares are an area owned by other guilds. And the white square is an area that currently does have an owner.