Silver and Fame Farming Guide and Location

One of the easiest ways to farm silver and fame in Albion Online is to go to a specific spot having a high density of humanoid monsters, which is the only mob that drops silver. It’s possible to farm silver as a solo player. You do not need to play with friends or any party for a dungeon run. All you need to do is to go to a specific area, run around, and farm all silver you want.

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Where to Farm

A good location for farming fame and silver are Toadmarsh and Rabbithill. They are located in the Northwest of Seamouth, an important port city in Albion Online. Be careful that these areas are limited PvP zone. You can be killed by other player with marked with red dot on the map.

Toadmarsh and Rabbithill have a high density of tier 5 humanoid mob which usually drops 50 to 500 silver depending on how long it has been spawned. Each mob also gives you 8 fame which is rather high comparing to other places in the world. It’s recommended to run around in the middle area in a circle where monster density is pretty high.

Usually, you should get at least 10k silver and 350 fame in every 20 minutes. However, the number of silver obtained from the second 20 minutes should be down to around 5k since monsters are just newly born. This causes some mobs to drop almost 500 silver and some only 52.

If you have been in the area for a awhile and already killed some mobs, it’s not efficient in term of farming silver. It’s better to move around to other nearby places such as Rabbithill where the same tier humanoid mobs are found. Then, go back and forth between these places.

Fame rate, on the other hand, is going to be consistent. You are going to get 8 fame per kill. It’s a great way to progress your character here in case you would like to upgrade your armor and weapon tier.


Remember that mobs here are tier 5 humanoid. They can be difficult to kill. It’s recommended to equip at least tier 4 equipment, preferably tier 5. These will give you enough protection, damage, as well as buffs.

It’s also important to bring healing items with you. It can be either buff from gear or food to prevent you from being killed as well as giving you a chance to survive a lot longer.

Another thing to be aware is to always keep your eyes on the minimap at all time. It’s a limited PvP zone. If you spot any people with red dot around you, flee away. You will definitely do not want to get killed by PvP player. Else, you will lose all significant amounts of silver when you are dead.

When you have at least tier 4 equipment, farming fame and silver at Toadmarsh, Rabbithill, and nearby areas is a decent way to go. It gives enough silver for purchasing a higher tier equipment as well as fame to progress your character.

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