Beginner and Advanced Way of Silver Making

There are uncountable ways to make silver, a main in-game currency, in a sandbox MMORPG like Albion Online. In other MMORPGs, gold can be obtained generally through killing monsters, crafting, and trading with other players. However, Albion Online offers more than that. Being a sandbox MMORPG, there are more advanced ways to farm silver in Albion. Let’s talk in details.

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Beginner Silver Making

Kill a Humanoid Monster

The first way to make silver is to kill a humanoid monster. This is a pretty obvious and common way. However, since this type of mob is the main target for other players as well, a number of silver drops can be quite low when they are overkilled.  It can be a problem especially for new players. Every time they kill a mob, they will get only around 20 silver. It means they need to kill at least 10 mobs for 200 silver.

Because of this problem, making silver through killing the humanoid monster isn’t that effective unless you can find a good farming location with groups of humanoid mobs and fewer players.

These locations are mostly in PvP area, where they have a high tier humanoid monster with fewer players. However, this area can be risky of getting yourself killed. It should be better to travel in a group.

PvP Area offers really good rewards since it contains high tier monsters, fewer players, and dungeons. Dungeon run with a large guild or group usually provides with abundant of money as well as high-level equipment and rare items.

Aware of Guild Tax
If you have a guild, rewards can be a bit lower considering the tax rate you need to pay for your guild. The amount of silver you obtained either from simply killing a humanoid monster or a dungeon run are subject to tax to your guild.

Humanoid monster also drops gear and items that can be sold for an additional profit in the market. It means that killing this type of mob gives you both silver and gear at the same time.


Gathering is also another good way of making silver in Albion Online. With gathering, you can sell both unrefined and refined resource on a local market.

Gathering is not the best way to make money because it can slow down your character progression especially in crafting. There’s no way to progress in crafting if all resources are sold.


You can make money by crafting item from your gathered resources and sell it on a market. It is very beneficial especially when you are selling equipment that is always in high demand such as high tier weapons and armors.

Crafting is a better way of making money than gathering. You can both progress your crafting skill at the same time as sell crafted item, which normally have a higher price than resources. `

A recommended crafting strategy is to gather necessary resources and craft any item that you already have. But before you craft it, you should ask other people through a general chat in order to find out is there anyone who want your crafted item or now.

For example, you already have a tier 4 sword. And you have both sufficient resource and skill to craft this one. Ask other people first is there anyone want to buy it. If there is, sell your tier 4 sword to that person and craft a new one for yourself.

If nobody wants it, you still have all resources with you. It’s better than crafting any item right away and cannot sell it. You will lose resources without getting anything in return.

This is more effective way of selling thing through general chat. Selling item first before you craft that item. And only craft once you have a buyer.

crafting in albion

Farming and Cooking

You can also make silver from farming and cooking in Albion Online as well. Remember, “guild and building need food”. Food is a must-have item in order to maintain upkeep and all building both for an individual player and a guild.

Because of this, food will always be in high demand. You can sell food for a decent price because all sources of food are necessary to keep building up, making a higher tier building as well as expanding territories.

While selling food to other players, there’s no way to need to sell it through general chat or local market. Instead, you can go to any building in the city that is occupied by other players. It will show “silver per nutrition point” set by the building owner when you click it. And the amount of silver you make will be equal to nutrition point.

Offer Services

You can also be able to make silver by focusing on something that nobody does it before, like a real life business. One suggestion would be to offer service to other players. For example, you can offer yourself to be a player or guild gatherer. And you can get paid by fee per resource or even per number of hours.

In case you have a really high-level equipment, you can even offer a protective service to other players. Remember that rare resources mostly lies in a PvP area. And when someone would like to venture into this zone, you and your friends can be that person bodyguards.

These are a few examples of how to make silver outside of the general way.

Advanced Silver Making

Playing with Market

Market is the first thing we are going to talk about. It can be really beneficial if you understand the rules of demand and supply. And you can make a lot of money from the auction house and market without having to do anything.

It may take time to understand the system as well as to find out which item is worth looking for. But the rewards from this method is quite high.

The usual way of making silver through a market is to buy low and sell high. You can purchase an item at a lower price from general chat and sell it higher through a market.

You need to remember that a market is very risky. You need to make sure that you can make a profit from any item you buy. Otherwise, you might have too many unnecessary items in possession and unable to sell them.

It’s the rule of high-risk high-return. If you know the market, go for it. If not, it’s better to stay away. You can also practice by focusing on low-value item first and make your way through higher value item once you earn sufficient how-to.

You cannot just simply buy a horse for 12k and sell for 15k silver and end up getting 3k profits. Instead, it might turn out that you can sell this horse at only 9k. Practice first before using this advance method.

Buying Land and Building

Buying land and building is a high investment that usually gives you wealth in return. Depending on the location of your building, this can result in a large silver income. Before doing it, it might be necessary to have the highest tier building in the area in order to get enough traffic to your building as well as good tax rate that people are willing to pay.

It’s also important to have land that is close to the center of town which is where the bank and market are. However, those can be very expensive. So, you need to invest a lot at first.

It takes a lot of resources to upgrade building as well. You need to have either friends or guilds to help to the next tier. In addition, these buildings and lands need high upkeep. You need to pay the daily fee in order to maintain them. And the daily fee is much higher if the location is close to the center of the town.

You need to also keep the building fed. Major problem will come if you run out of food since you will not be able to use that building at all. They are a couple ways to get around with it. You can offer silver fee per nutrition point as mentioned earlier in the Food and Cooking section.

It’s always important to make sure that you make a lot more than the cost of maintaining and upkeep your building. As long as you are able to make the building popular, upgrade, upkeep, keep it fed, you will make a lot of silver in return. And you are going to get high profit from buying building and land.


PvP is another great way to make money but can also be the riskiest way as well. You need to have a very decent party and equipment before venture into a PvP zone. It’s always not recommended to go to a PvP solo and try to kill other people. Else, you are going to get yourself killed and lose a lot of silver.

When killing other players in a limited PvP area, you have to keep in mind that they are only knocked out. However, they do drop some silver based on their level. So, you need to go to a full PvP zone and get the most reward from killer other players here. Read this article to learn more on limited and full PvP areas

If you main target should be a player wearing tier 4-5 gear since they are going to give you big rewards. You can take all their gears after killing them. One thing to keep in mind is that when players are dead, they will lose abilities from the items. You need to repair these items first after loot before selling.

PvP will give you a lot of silver since you can get a lot of high-level gear. You make a profit by selling this equipment. (If you are not getting yourself killed)

albion online full pvp

Silver and Fame Farming Guide and Location

One of the easiest ways to farm silver and fame in Albion Online is to go to a specific spot having a high density of humanoid monsters, which is the only mob that drops silver. It’s possible to farm silver as a solo player. You do not need to play with friends or any party for a dungeon run. All you need to do is to go to a specific area, run around, and farm all silver you want.

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Where to Farm

A good location for farming fame and silver are Toadmarsh and Rabbithill. They are located in the Northwest of Seamouth, an important port city in Albion Online. Be careful that these areas are limited PvP zone. You can be killed by other player with marked with red dot on the map.

Toadmarsh and Rabbithill have a high density of tier 5 humanoid mob which usually drops 50 to 500 silver depending on how long it has been spawned. Each mob also gives you 8 fame which is rather high comparing to other places in the world. It’s recommended to run around in the middle area in a circle where monster density is pretty high.

Usually, you should get at least 10k silver and 350 fame in every 20 minutes. However, the number of silver obtained from the second 20 minutes should be down to around 5k since monsters are just newly born. This causes some mobs to drop almost 500 silver and some only 52.

If you have been in the area for a awhile and already killed some mobs, it’s not efficient in term of farming silver. It’s better to move around to other nearby places such as Rabbithill where the same tier humanoid mobs are found. Then, go back and forth between these places.

Fame rate, on the other hand, is going to be consistent. You are going to get 8 fame per kill. It’s a great way to progress your character here in case you would like to upgrade your armor and weapon tier.


Remember that mobs here are tier 5 humanoid. They can be difficult to kill. It’s recommended to equip at least tier 4 equipment, preferably tier 5. These will give you enough protection, damage, as well as buffs.

It’s also important to bring healing items with you. It can be either buff from gear or food to prevent you from being killed as well as giving you a chance to survive a lot longer.

Another thing to be aware is to always keep your eyes on the minimap at all time. It’s a limited PvP zone. If you spot any people with red dot around you, flee away. You will definitely do not want to get killed by PvP player. Else, you will lose all significant amounts of silver when you are dead.

When you have at least tier 4 equipment, farming fame and silver at Toadmarsh, Rabbithill, and nearby areas is a decent way to go. It gives enough silver for purchasing a higher tier equipment as well as fame to progress your character.

albion humanoid artwork

Guide to Limited and Full PvP

In Albion Online, there are 2 major PvP areas called limited PvP and full PvP areas. After opening the World Map, these two areas will be shown clearly with special symbol.

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The first section you’ll actually across in the game are PvE areas which not allow all types of PvP although you are flagged. The next area with brown text, little swords, and one skull is what’s called limited PvP areas. For the full PvP areas, the symbol will be red with three skulls with swords and axes.

The Difference Between Limited PvP and Full PvP

Limited PvP Area

Limited PvP means you cannot attack other players unless you or another player is flagged. The flagged player will be displayed as a red dot clearly on the map. This gives you a chance to attack or flee from that player. It can be very beneficial to see if someone’s going to come attack you if you’re not flagged in the area. Or vice versa if you are flagged, people can easily sneak up and try to kill you as well.

If you are planning to go to the limited PvP area, do not flag yourself from the start since another player can see you clearly on the map. This mean they will know your location and can kill you easily.

Instead, look for a player who is flagged, sneak, and kill them with a small group of people. A 1-1 duel isn’t recommended since it’s too risky. There will be a chance of losing all equipment.

Full PvP Area

A full PvP area, on the other hand, will not show the flagged player on the map. This mean everyone you see in the area can attack you and loot all of your items and equipment. Be ready to fight at any time when you are in the Full PvP area.

It’s also recommended to always be flagged since it allows you to freely attack other players. And you can also defend yourself from enemies as well because you can be attacked at any time without knowing when. And remember that some dungeon including Hellgates is located in the PvP area as well.

limited pvp and full pvp area symbol in albion

Flagging System

You can flag yourself easily by turning this mode on. There is a small icon on the top next to your character name saying “Click to change to hostile. Changing to hostile will allow you to attack friendly players. It only works in PvP-enabled regions”

When you click, it takes about two minutes or so to enable PvP. You will be flagged and able to attack another player freely as long as you are in the PvP areas.

Why Venture to PvP Areas

PvP area in Albion Online isn’t just about killing and looting people for fun. Resource is almost everything in the sandbox game like Albion. And all precious and high quality will be found only in the PvP area as explained in our Complete Resource and Crafting Explanation article. This alone is worth the risk of losing your life. But remember; always travel as a group when you are in a full PvP area. If you friend isn’t online, go to the limited area instead and keep distant from a flagged player.

Build and Class Progression System

Class system in Albion Online works a little bit different from other MMO games. You do not have to pick a class at the beginning of the game. You do not bound to any class throughout the whole game. Instead, your class is pretty much determined by what kind of gear you actually wear. Wearing plate armor and melee weapon is necessary to play as a warrior class. And you can be a ranger at any time when you change an armor and weapon type.

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Class Progression

However, this doesn’t mean that you can be a high level ranger just only you have a high tier for the ranger gear in your possession. Instead, you need to unlock ranger tier, currently max at tier 10, in the destiny board, which is the main character progression system in Albion.

Each tier in the destiny board requires a certain fame to unlock it. Fame can be gained by using that weapon and armor. The more you use it, the more fame will be obtained. And the more you unlock tier in the destiny board, the higher tier of equipment you can equip. This progression method goes the same way with crafting and gathering as well.

Another uniqueness of the class system in Albion Online is that you don’t need to wear only one specific armor type. You can mix and match everything together. For example, if you would like to play as a mage, equip its weapon to get this class skill such as healing. At the same time you are able to wear heavy armor to get more tankiness and interrupt skills, there is nothing wrong with it.

Create Your Own Build

It means you can switch weapon and armor type to find out which skill is most suitable for your character and situation. You can wear the leather helm allowing you to be invisible for a short moment. This creates a thousand of opportunities for a single character in Albion. Each weapon or armor you wear gives different abilities. It’s not necessary to play as a specific class. Instead, you can create your own style with it.

Albion Online Class is about variation. A good strategy is to try out a bunch of different builds that fits you the most. Then, you will find what playstyle feel most comfortable and most entertain with.

This is the overview of how class system in Albion in Online works. It’s pretty simple once you understand yet it’s the core part of the game. Click here to learn more about how to make a class build based on current character progression system or here if you want to know more on crafting and gathering. In case you do not have much idea about the game, this Beginner Guide 101 is for you.

warrior and mage artwork

Class, Build, and Gear Guide in Albion


There are no class in Albion Online. All abilities are provided by gear that you’re actually wearing. For example, if you would like to be an archer, simply find a bow to access all bow related skills. In addition, different types of armor give you different set of skills as well.

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Abilities and Skills

Ability can be changed at any time by just changing gear. If you want to be a spell caster instead of a warrior, you only need to wear a casting staff instead of a sword.

All skills in Albion Online are associated with gear as well. These skills are applied on gear when you actually craft the item, and most items are crafted, or when the item actually drops. Some items will drop from humanoid enemies, so if you see a guy using a bow, there’s a chance he can drop a bow of his relevant tier. For example, if he’s a tier five enemy, he can drop a tier five bow.

albion gear progression

Skills change also depends on items. Spear is going to have a different skill set to a bow although they are considered under that similar style of being a ranger or being a hunter. In addition, when you craft your own gear, you have choice to decide which skills you want it to have. More skills become available as you progress.

It goes the same way with armor. There are several types of armor in Albion Online and each of them has a various types of skills as mention in this beginner guide. You can have a choice to choose which skills you want through crafting as well. For example, when you craft a chest armor, you have choice either you want to have self-healing skill or a berserker buff.

Crafting can be quite expensive but it’s a good way of an investment. And it’s going to be the main focus on the game since classes are entirely dependent on gear. Because of this, Albion Online character progression is very complex.

Quality Bonus

In addition, when you craft gear, it can be multiple quality tiers. A higher quality provides quality bonuses. If you have a non-quality bow, you will only have basic baseline without any addition bonus. Quality bonuses for weapon can be anything related to damage dealing such as extra damage, attack speed, and so on.

For armor, quality bonus is going to be related to defensive and mobility. For example, an epic quality boots can give you additional move speed as well as damage resistance for chest armor. Helmet might decrease cooldown on your skills. There’re also other bonuses depending on the item type as well.

Gear Progression

You progress gear up through the different tiers by gathering different tier resources, refining different tiers of those resources and then crafting them into different tiers of gear, and that allows you to progress in some areas of skill and also in passive effects.

albion gear tier

Destiny Board

Now in terms of how you actually dictate what you can actually wear, this is all managed by the destiny board. Although there’s no class in Albion Online, you do have to use and practice gear in order to be able to wear higher tiers of that gear. It means that you cannot just change into a spell caster and wear high tiers gear right away.

Destiny board dictates the maximum power level of your character in each of these different areas. If you want to be able to switch classes on the fly and fill different roles, then you are going to need to do some work in each of those different areas. Currently destiny board are mainly categorized into three types at present: combat, gathering and crafting

In case you are an archer, you use a bow for a little while and you’ll unlock Journeyman Ranger, and you’ll be able to start defining further how your character goes. This gives you access to leather armor and higher tiers of leather armor as you progress.

Initially you just need to wear some leather armor to progress into being more adept in leather armor and being able to wear adept tier leather armor. Then you need to wear adept tier leather armor in order to progress further beyond that.

It gets harder as you progress, because you need to make sure you are not just wearing some piece of leather armor. You need to be wearing all of them. And the same sort of deal happens with weapons.

If you use a bow enough to become adept, an adept bowman, to be able to equip adept tier bows. To progress beyond that in Albion Online Guide, you are going to need to kill enemies with your adept tier bow to be able to unlock war bows, and then you can progress further.

Then, you can even go further and get access to things like longbows as well. Now if you were to instead switch to spears, you would need to go back to the first spear tier.

albion online destiny board

Character Build

There are freedoms in terms of how you build your character because you can actually cross class basically as much as you want. If you progress your character in Destiny Board further enough, you are able to wear leather armor and be a spell caster or wear cloth armor but use a bow. Everything is possible.

The only sort of small difficulty you’re going to have is to get that initial class investment. For example, you wear spear in one hand, which opens up the opportunity of using a shield. However, this spear is under the hunter tree. In case you want to become a warrior spear user, you need to train with a sword to unlock the ability to become a Journeyman Warrior. After that, you can wear ditch sword for spear and continue training to pick up a shield. Armor wise,you can also pick up some heavy armor or continue wearing leather armor if you prefer.

Although there’s no classes, there are these kind of loose grouping of areas and the further you go down, the more defined your build will become. And you can create your build based on the combination of skills you select on gear. The actual weapon and armor you use and the combination of things from different trees in Destiny Board to create essentially your character’s build the exact way you want to play.

Because of this system, Albion Online gives you a lot of freedom that you can do and play whatever thing you want. You can be a ranger but using spear instead of bow. And you can also wear plate armor and shield at the same time because of its defensive capability

Albion Online class system is quite interesting. It may look simple on the surface but complex on the inside. It’s just like the skills aren’t just on the gear, but it does allow quite a bit of flexibility and customization.

build options in albion

Guide to Albion’s Mission, Factions, and Rewards



In Albion, there are many different factions that the player encounters as he explores the world. These are usually people who were there before the player and his companions arrived in Albion.

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Royal Faction

Right now in Albion, the player can encounter the Royal Faction, which is actually a series of sub-factions, the Royal Military, the Royal Wagoners, and the Royal Artisans.

The Keepers

There’re the old inhabitants, an ancient faction known as the Keepers. They consist of all kinds of old races who have always been there. But there’s also more sinister players here. They’ll see the Cult of Morgana. They want to revive an ancient enchantress and conquer the world for themselves.


You can encounter the Undead, the survivors of the old war, a faction that is comprised of a lot of dead knights who still try to fight a war that they lost thousands of years ago. So as part of the mission system, you finally get the chance to interact with all these factions in Albion.

the undead in albion online


Missions work a little bit like quests in other games, in the sense that there’s a faction representative who will approach you with a task, which could be like transporting goods, crafting certain things, or effect combat missions, eliminating certain enemies. But then on the other hand, missions in Albion are not like quests. Everything will be tied in with the open world idea.

Balancing the In-Game Economy with Mission

One important thing to understand is that factions have a limited amount of silver they can spend on missions. And that means you’re competing for the missions with all the other players in the world. If all the players work for the same faction, that faction will in fact run out of money and you have to work for a different faction if you still want to do missions. So missions are not an unlimited source of silver. That is very, very important to keep the game economy intact.

Mission Reward

As you do more jobs for a faction, you gain more standing with them. Basically they start to like you more because you work for them. You may also lose this standing again if you do work for other factions that doesn’t further the original faction’s goals. The same idea is even applied to a RPG like FFXV quest system. So as you gain more standing with a faction, they will offer you more important jobs and more challenging jobs. When you complete a mission, you’ll usually get paid in silver. But on top of that, you also get a faction-specific reward. These are usually tokens from the faction. These tokens you can exchange with the faction for very specific gear.

Basically every faction has their own very specific reward that you can unlock by becoming aligned with them and working for them. The Keepers are usually very aggressive, so you can expect the Keeper gear to support a very, very aggressive play style. While the gear you get from the Undead is of course very dark and sinister.

albion factions fight

Albion Online Beginner Guide 101


Albion Online Beginner Guide is a very simplistic explanation of the basics in the game. At some points in the article, you might need to refer to other article on that focus on more specific aspects of the game and offer more detailed information. Please be informed that currently Albion Online is only in the beta state. Some information mentioned here is subject to change.

If you are looking for more advanced strategies for Albion, this KillerGuides’ Albion Online guide is highly recommended. It is packed with insider techniques in all aspects of the game from a complete character progression, territory domination, gear mastery, to silver making techniques. In case you plan to buy Albion Gold or Silver, check

Full Loot sandbox and PvP MMO

Albion Online is a Full Loot sandbox MMO with a heavy emphasis on player-driven economy, Full Loot PvP and role playing niches. What is a player-driven economy? It means in the certain cities and areas, NPC’s, buildings and all of that are all crafted in place by the players.

Potentially, every server has the capability to look different. Players are the main designers of the game using the tools provided by developers.

Albion Online is also using the Full Loot PvP system. In some certain areas in the game, your body is able to be looted with all the gear you had on you when you die. Usually these are PvP zones, using a red skull rating system, that have precious materials or silver.

One golden rule you should hold on to when playing a new character or when you are relatively new to the game is to stay within two or three zones of your starting area, which is usually caught at crossing such as the eastern, western or middle cross. Do not venture too far if your character isn’t strong enough.

Your starting cross has every crafting station to make all the gear from tier one through tier three. And you can find all tier two to three materials within two to three zones of the starting region. After tier three, you’ll need to craft the player main station that normally has extremely high taxes.

albion official artwork

Leveling, Class, and Character Progression

Unlike many MMOs, Albion Online does not have the traditional leveling or class system. Instead, you progress by basically upgrading your gear to various tiers. Each successive tier grants more powerful scalabilities and different scalabilities.

Your gear also determines what role you will play in game. If you want to play a ranger, all you need to do is equip a bow. That bow will grant you bow abilities.

If your team needs a mage, all you need to do is equip a staff and some cloth and you instantly get some mage abilities. Although team’s very different, it’s basically the same thing as leveling up in the class system, except there’s more freedom to choose and flip between decisions.

Destiny Board

Perks are added via the Destiny Board, which is kind of a fame-based system which allows you to upgrade, craft and use higher tier equipment as you use items more. The freedom of this systems grant is why Albion has such great potential.

albion online destiny board

Destiny Board, the heart of character progression in Albion Online


There are three things in Albion Online that will encompass every part of the beginner game play. These include gathering, crafting and fighting. They can be called the three main aspects of the game. Let’s start with gathering.

In order to create better gear, you’re going to want to be able to gather materials because that first silver is hard to come by and you need to gather them yourself.

Five Raw Materials

There are five raw materials that are the foundation of every item in game. These include ores, fabrics, stones, animal hides and woods. Like gear, raw materials come in different tier which allow you to craft the gear for that corresponding tier.

In order to craft items, you’ll need to refine the raw materials. The raw materials are refined at corresponding crafting stations for each raw materials. Ores are refined at the smelter, fabrics are refined at the weaver, stones are refined at the stone mason and wood is refined at the lumber mill.

Weight Limit

Another tip when gathering is to be cautious of the weight limit. In Albion Online, your character has a limit to how much you can carry. If you go over this limit, you will go very, very slow. This is extremely annoying. Your limit can be increased by crafting a bag, getting a mount which you can ride when you’re over encumbered with items.

If you want to learn more about resource in Albion Online, read this Complete Resources and Gathering Explanation article.

mining in albion online artwork


As previously mentioned, almost all weapons and armors in the game must be crafted. Crafting is very important to gaining new gear and also creating duplicates for later because in Albion, gear can break. But never fear, because if your fear does break, you can always repair it at the tool maker or at the repair station. Repair only cost of a little bit of silver.

When crafting, most of your gear gives you several choices to place spells on them. This is not a gear bow, these spells are abilities that you can use in combat. This is basically how the class system works. You can place different spells on items to fit your role in the game. For example, as a DPS ranger build, it is recommended to place the highest damaging spells on a bow instead of crowd control related spells. This way you can deal maximum damage and leave the crowd control to a tanker.

crafting artwork in albion

Combat and Fighting System

Let’s talk a little bit about the combat and fighting system of Albion Online for tiers one through three. Well, it’s pretty simplistic from the beginning tiers because you’ll be soloing most of the time, and you’re going to be doing PvE instead of PvP. As a solo fighter, you don’t really have to do much except stand still and cast skills. Most of the difficulty and complexity in Albion’s combat comes in harder dungeons such as hellgates which normally require a team rather than a solo play.

The only tip for beginners not to bite off more than you can chew. You might think you’re pro and powerful but you cannot take more than three enemies at once most of the time.

albion factions fight

Using a Higher Tier Equipment

In order to level up your fighting and be able to use better equipment, you also need to use the previous tier of equipment until you gain mastery of that tier. That allows you to use higher tier equipment and become more powerful.

Other Important Features


Main currency of the game is silver. Silver is key to repairing gear. They don’t drop from every mob. Mostly silvers only drop from humanoid-shaped mobs such as skeletons, bandits and other similar creatures. They are often hidden away in certain areas of each region or in dungeons. A tip to make more silver is to scour every region and locate the local silver font that you could go and form silver during your downtime.

Auction House and Bank

In each major town, there are also several buildings that you should know what they are. The first of these is the market place of Auction House where you can make a lot of money. This place of commerce is not globally linked. So let’s say you try to sell something in the eastern crossing Auction House. Someone in the middle class will not be able to buy that item. The second building is the bank. Just like the market places, they are not globally linked. Don’t stash something in one place and expect it to be at a bank in another town. It does not work like that.

albion online auction house


And finally, owning and maintaining a piece of land is also another key part of game but lots cost a lot, and they cost a lot to maintain. In certain areas, there is places where you can buy an offshore island. It’s a player personal island where you can build any buildings here, the same as a normal plot. You can build a farm on there, anything you want. And it costs no upkeep. However, it’s not on any actual land. It’s on your own instance and it just acts as a home for you to go to.

build your own island in albion

Complete Resources and Gathering Explanation


Economy in Albion Online is purely player-driven. All resources are found by players and nearly everything is crafted by players as well. It means every piece of lumber that you use to build a building or every bow that you craft out of a piece of wood is going to come from an actual player. And this can happen because of its great resource gathering system.

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Resource Quality and Zone Control

Resource scarcity is a big deal in Albion. It’s the driving force behind the in-game economy, the idea that rarer resources are rare and difficult to get and that control of land is important. The further you process your journey through the maps, the more quality resource will be found.

First, you start the game off with safe zones, a PvE only zone but providing low-tier resources. When you move up into partial PvP zones and full PvP zones with control held by guilds, you get rarer and more valuable resources. And on top of that idea of resource scarcity and controlling zones is that resources replenish and regenerate slowly.

You will get different types of resource based on its tier as well. For example, you will get coarse wood from a tier 3 tree. And each tree as well as other source has limited resource which is going to replenish very slowly.

In addition, if someone gathered that tree before you recently, you are going to be able to get a lot less. Sometimes you’ll come across a patch of trees that only have one total logs in them or ore veins that only have like one chunk of steel ore in them.

This is the main cause of the fight to take control over high tier resources in PvP zones. It’s an important part of the game to drive its economy from the idea of scarcity.

albion online zone map

Different Types of Resource in Each Area

Each type of area particularly provides different types of materials. For the desert area, it usually contains abundant of leathers and fabrics. In the snowy area, stone related materials, including ores, can be found widely here. On the other hand, leather is hard to find in this type of area.

The swamp area provides a lot of woods that is hard to find on other zones. It also has some leathers and fabrics but not as much as what we can find in the desert. The swamp area does not have ore at all.

Resource Tier

Albion Online resource gathering system is quite similar to Minecraft. You start out punching basic trees. For example, you can harvest rough wood from a tier 1 tree without needing an axe. This tier 1 wood is a main material to craft your tier 1 novice gathering tools. Once you have tier 1 tools, you can start to gather tier 2 resources.

Resource gathering in Albion Online is like a stepping stone progression system where you need to work your way up. You need to have a tier 2 axe in order to harvest wood from tier 3 trees. In same way, a tier 3 axe is necessary to harvest tier 4 trees.

There’s also a way to skip a tier which can be done by buying resources and tools from other players though the market known as the Auction House. Each town has its own trading markets allowing you to gather your raw resources back there to sell to other people. They might only want to focus on refining and crafting without having to go out and gather resources themselves.

In the same way, you can also buy all resources from the market and focus only crafting and refining without having to harvest them yourself. This is the choice of what do you want to progress through the Destiny Board, which is the Albion Online’s character progression system.

albion online resource tier

Gathering, Refining and Crafting Progression

Destiny Board is split up into different areas such as combat, harvesting, refining and even constructing. For wood gathering, you can just start up harvesting tier 1 wood and then unlock Journeyman’s Axe tier and work on the ability to use Adept’s Axes and higher up. Otherwise, you can skip this by farming silver from fighting or auction house, and buy raw materials instead.

In case you do not want to purely focus on the crafting without having to refine and gather materials yourself. You can do that as well by purchasing refined materials from the market and start crafting right away.

The way you want to progress your own character in Albion Online is purely based on your decision. You can be a crafting specialist by only focusing of crafting or you can be a jack of all trade and doing gathering, refining, and crafting yourself. Or you can even ignore crafting and gathering progression and focus only “combat” in the Destiny Board. You have an option to do it as well.

albion online destiny board

Resource Type and Guild Cooperation

There are a lot of actual resources you can farm in Albion Online. There are stones for crafting buildings. There is weaving which is used for crafting cloth and armor equipment. There’re iron, steel, and more.

Because of this huge variation, a group of community like guild is quite necessary in Albion Online. For example, it seems like gems is necessary to craft weapon of all types. If you’re going to craft bows, gems and lumber are necessary. It quite takes some time to be specialized in everything in order to craft it. But with a group, you can only be specialized in your owner and share it with other people. This encourages player interaction and cooperative within the game.

Now, it is possible to be a jack of all trade. Obviously if you’re spending time crafting leather stuff, you’re not really getting the advancement towards wood, or especially if you’re doing iron smelting and then crafting things out of that iron, then you’re not really progressing in wood.

Instead of looking at it on a guild perspective, let’s say a group of three. We can focus on different things and builds. One player can focus on being a tank, one damage dealer, and one support.

This idea of specialization also works in term of resource gathering. One player can focus on wood, leather, and gems. One player can focus on weaving, gems, and a little bit of wood. And the last player can focus on ore smelting and wood. There might be an overlap but, with three people combined, they can do more things together. Else, you and your group can get to niche down and focus on different things and work with a group to cover each other and trade in among the party or in among the guild.

immortals guild in albion online

Immortals Guild: the current existing guild in Albion Online

Resource Gathering Strategy

When you’re traveling through a zone looking for resources, you’ll start to see areas that will be fully farmed out. Often these will be on a road. However, not many people are brave enough to venture into a higher-level PvP zone. Instead, they tend to hanging around down in non PvP areas. A recommended guide is to risk to a PvP zone. There’s a high chance to find rare resources even along the roads there since it’s only for the brave and skilled players.

Albion Online encourages you to progress into more difficult zones as a group not only for resource, but also to explore. There’s a real sense of exploration in this game. And that means that, the roads are going to be pretty much in frequented zones where people are traveling through all the time. Any resource on the side of the road will be definitely hard to harvest since people are going to stop and grab them all.

However, you should gather resources in the corner of the map or in kind of a sneaky area. Or especially in an area that’s full of dangerous enemies because more valuable, rare, and larger resource collections will be found there.

If you are looking for a higher tier material, you need to make a journey further out from the initial starting town as far away as possible. Even 2-3 zones far from the time provide better materials, including tier 2 to even tier 5. Not only you will find a higher quality of material in these areas, you will find a lot more of them as well.

This is the thing that I think a lot of new players miss it. Then tend to only stick to a few surrounding areas close to the initial town. It is important to understand that actually the world map of Albion Online is pretty huge. It takes you longer than you expect to get out to more further areas. And this results in so much more materials because there is a lot less players.

Just only one more zone away from the starting town, you can probably find so much more materials there. It is highly encouraged to travel further out and explore for these further zone. It also gives you an access to other nearby towns.

mining in albion online artwork


Now, on top of that, there’s also a fame system. You will have uncommon or rare or other rarer resources spawn. Now, these are represented by a kind of like little fairies things floating around them. If you harvest it, you are going to get more fame than the ordinary resource.

Fame is progression on this destiny board. You need a specific amount of fame in order to make progress in Destiny Board. And, of cause, it’s more common to find this type of resources in an explored and dangerous area.

However, these do come at a bit of a cost. The durability of your gathering tool is getting wrecked a lot more by harvesting these uncommon resources. It’s worthwhile anyway comparing to what you get in return.

One thing you should keep in mind is that other people usually have the same goal as you. They make their way to the dangerous zone because of these resources. You should keep your eyes on the map to aware of other people location and harvest everything as much and as fast as possible. Otherwise, a more powerful player might PvP you and take all the resources.

fame ranking board


Now, another really important point about the resource system in this game is not only are you trying to explore and compete with other players over limited resources, but you also have to really plan how you get there and get back. Most of the traveling is done on foot or on horseback or on ox back. You really have to kind of get out there yourself. You really have to take the time to travel, and although this slows the pace of gameplay down, it does create sort of an interesting strategic aspect to the resource gathering.

There is a limited carry weight in Albion Online. When you carry more than you could handle, you are becoming encumbered and slowing down. It’s recommended to throw away all junks to speed yourself up.

It can also mean that the greedier you are, the more you are slow down and the more danger awaits you especially when you are in a PvP zone. If another player engages you while you are carrying too much, it’s very difficult to flee away. Some player goes to the PvP zone not to harvest resources but to kill and takes harvested resources from other players. And the slowed down player is always be their target. It means they are carrying various rare resources which other players can steal everything if they can win the fight.

albion online ox tier

Gather Rare Resources from PvP Zone

Every time you are planning to make your way to gather rare resources from the PvP zones, always plan how to get back. And it’s essential to bring mounts, such as a horse, with you for two main reasons: you can travel a lot faster with more weight limit. In case you are planning to go on a really heavy resource run and you really want to get as much as you can, then you can bring an ox out with you. An ox greatly, greatly, greatly multiplies your carry weight.

Ox can give you extra 200% carry weight, to the point where you actually can’t move your character, but you can mount up on the ox and then move around on the ox. Now, this obviously means you can carry a huge amount of resources. However, if you’re actually caught in combat, you literally can’t move and you’ve gotten yourself into a very dangerous position.

albion online pvp

Freedom of Gathering

Resource gathering in Albion Online can be pretty simple but there are a lot of options you can do as well. It’s more like the freedom on how you would like to proceed with it. You can really get into doing basically everything you want: you can have a hands-on for every step of the process, or you can really focus on just a couple of things that you really want to do.

This freedom plays an important part in driving the game. Another thing that’s worth mentioning is a heavy PvP and a heavy guild-focused and heavy competing over land and limited resource focused game, this, although simple resource system, it does an amazing job.

Albion Online isn’t just a game where you can play end pointlessly leveling. It’s pretty engaging overall and pretty interesting to learn and, again, just one of those things that’s feeding into this idea of discovery and exploration especially.

It will slowly encourage you to drive deep down to more difficult zones, discover rare resources, and fight with other players for it.

albion main artwork

Three Lessons to Make Money from Auction House


It’s undeniable that killing mobs is one of the most essential ways to make money in Albion Online. In addition, it’s considered as the easiest way to be rich that everyone can do it without any much difficulty. However there’s also another way to make money in Albion Online, which is about playing the Auction House. These three guides below are going to teach you how to be filthy rich though trading.

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Lesson One: Mounts

As soon as the game officially release, there’s going to be some commodities that everyone is going to be looking for. The first one should be mounts. Every player need mount since it’s an important factor in Albion gathering system. It helps player carry more items as well as increasing the travelling speed.

In the current beta testing, an ordinary horse is being sold on Auction House for at least 6,000 Silver. And the amount can be even higher when after the official launch considering that there’s going to be much more demand than the current beta stage.

That’s lesson number one. If you want to make this your priority on making silver, then you can go ahead and learn how to make mounts and go from there.

albion online ox tier

Lesson Two: Tier 3-4 Gear

Tier three, tier four armor, and tier four weapon are going to be the second things you should aim for if you are planning to make money through Auction House. These items are a must-have for all players, especially in an early game.

It really depends on what you want to do for yourself and your character’s build, but essentially everyone should be able to make their own tier for armor. And if you really want to capitalize on that, you could sell it on the market.

To increase the money we can make from selling weapon and armor, it’s a good idea to only focus on popular gear. At present, plate armor is the most popular armor among players. But this might be changed when the game is officially released.

tier system in albion

Lesson Three: Market

Remember that Auction House in Albion Online isn’t globally linked. This is why it’s essential to choose locations. There are three recommended places from our guide you should sell your items on the Auction House.

Smuggler’s Bay is going to be the market in Albion when the game comes out. A lot of people will be here making the trading market to be very busy. It is a good idea to travel and settle here as soon as the game is released.

The second and third locations are Freeport and Buccaneers Haven. These places are located in a very good location that will attract numerous numbers of players.

map in albion

Dungeon and Hellgates in Albion Introduced


One of the big challenges for the developer team when designing an open world sandbox game like Albion Online is that a common strategy for players is to group up in very large groups called Zergs. They came up with the idea of Hellgates. They are supposed to promote players running around in the world in smaller groups.

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They tried to create fair and evenly matched combat situations for players. Hellgates, a rift to the Hell Dimension, are the outcome of that idea.

How Hellgates Work

You and four of your friends can actually go through a portal which will take you to these special Hell dungeons. And within these dungeons, they’re filled with demons. You will fight these demons to get soul stones, and at the end you will encounter a huge demon boss.

In order to open a Hellgate in Albion Online, you have to find a Gatekeeper. Albion is ravaged by a previous war, and there are many places that are weak, where the connection between the planes is damaged. At these places, gatekeepers will appear and can be defeated. And when you fight one, if you manage to defeat one which isn’t easy, it will open a portal to Hell. This Hellgate can only be used by those who defeated the demon, and only up to five people can enter it.

The Hellgate itself works very much like a mini dungeon. So, it is filled with very nasty, hellish creatures.

hellgates in albion online

Chance to Fight Against Players

The most exciting thing is that at the same time there’s a second portal somewhere in the world, and if another group of people discovers that second portal, they will come rushing in into the same place where you are.

When you enter Hellgates, you never know what is going to happen. It’s possible that you are alone, that you’re just up against the demons of Hell and their boss, but it’s just as likely that you will encounter another group.

And if you encounter these groups down there, they will usually be out for blood. They will try to fight you(pvp). They will try to fight you for the spoils that you’ll find in this place.

Because the number of how many people can enter Hell and also how many enemy groups you’ll encounter there are limited, it’s going to be a fair, square and skill-based fight.

Hellgates Boss

The creature waiting for you at the end of the Hellgates is a powerful demon. The interesting part about the demon boss is that he throws off these lava bombs. These lava bombs actually stay on the ground and deal damage to anyone that gets close to them.

He can slam the ground, flood the combat area with lava and knock everyone back dealing massive damage to them. And then, obviously, if you get too close to him, he will strike you and deal a lot of damage that way. But when you defeat him, you get a lot of souls, and these souls are used for crafting really powerful items, and that’s why you come to Hell.
In addition, demons in Hellgates drop soul stones. It’s a rare and very expensive item used for high-level equipment. It’s an essential item for all players.

fighting with hellgates demon boss