Buying and Upgrading Your Private Island

This article we are going to take a look at the process of getting your private island, as well as looking at an upgrade and how to get started farming and building structures.

The very first island merchant can be found in Outrider Oasis, which is a town on the north of the starter city. It is going to be your main NPC for everything related to Island from purchasing to upgrading.

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The initial cost of the beginner island is around 12,500 Silver which is pretty easy to farm up only by completing a few quests in various zones. However, upgrading the island costs a lot more and it’s getting more expensive per tier. The cost is subject to change when the game finally comes out.

You can travel out the private island though a travel planner allowing you to fast travel to all cities in Albion Online with a small fee based on distance. Also, you cannot bring items in an inventory when traveling to other cities than the one you purchased the island.

It means that before purchasing any island, it is important to make sure that it is going to be your main location where you need to regularly travel back and forth for gatherings and other related materials.

The appearance of a starter island is quite basic, full of junks, destructed items, broken houses, and trees. Initially, the provided materials are quite limited in which it might be possible to get better materials after a few patch updates.

The appearance of the Level 2 Island is cleaner and fewer junks. It unlocks the first farming section for planting vegetables or raising animals. More farming sections can be added with an upgrade.

Level 2 and above island also has a farming merchant providing many materials for farming and start making a progression in a destiny board.

Making any building in the island needs a lot of materials. It is possible to look at required materials for whatever it is that you are trying to build through an auction house. A list of all required materials can be seen from a building structure planner.

Buildings can be placed at anywhere you want. The green icon will let you know that you are able to build on that space. Once the building is planted, click on materials and apply them to the building.

The buildings need to be repaired from time to time. Also, they can be upgraded, hire NPCs to do work on the island, no matter what you are planning to do including cooking, raising animals, farming, and so on. There are always be the exact NPC you are looking for.

Farming plots can be built right away in the level 2 and above island. In case you do not have enough materials, just gather them right away from the island. For the houses and their upgrading options, it is necessary to go out and travel to other zones to gather more advanced building materials and stones.

Farming plots cannot be upgraded. In order to have a better farming, you need to upgrade an island instead.

Here is a list of all Island levels with costs and features.

  • Level 1 – 12,500 with 1 building plot
  • Level 2 – 37,500 with an additional farming plot, farming merchant, building plot, and 2 small building plots
  • Level 3 – 125,000 with an additional farming plot and 2 building plots
  • Level 4 – 325,000 with an additional farming plot and 2 building plots
  • Level 5 – 625,000 with an additional farming plot and 2 building plots
  • Level 6 – 2,500,000 with an additional farming plot and 3 building plots

Total Cost: 3,625,000 silver with 5 farming plots, 11 building plots, and 2 small building plots.

How to Start Cooking and Farming


Cooking in Albion Online goes hand in hand with farming. It is best to level them up at the same time. Farming allows you to grow all ingredients you need for cooking.

In order to start cooking, first, you need to acquire carrots. They can be both grown on your island or purchased from the marketplace. Once you have carrots, head over to cook which can be found in almost every cities. They can be identified by a pie icon on a map.

Keep in mind that cooking tax is different between each city. It is best to cook on your guild or on a personal island. Once you find the cook, you can start cooking carrot soup. You can also make bean salad if you have both carrots and beans.

You will need to cook these dishes until you reach 12,000 fame to unlock “Cook” in a destiny board. You can then start specialized in a type of cooking you want.

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Cooking Specializations

There are currently 8 different cooking specializations which can be changed upon game release.

  • Butcher – Create raw meat from animals
  • Miller – Create bread or butter
  • Sandwich Chef – Create sandwich which increases maximum health for a long period of time
  • Stew Chef – Create stew which increases combat damage for a long period of time
  • Pie Check – Create pie which increases maximum load and gathering speed for a long period of time
  • Omelet Chef – Create omelet which reduces cooldown and casting time for a long period of time
  • Salad Chef – Crete salad which increases crafting speed and quality for a short period of time
  • Soup Chef – Create soup which increases health regeneration outside of combat for a long period of time

You can specialize all of them if you wish. However, it is recommended to only specialize in only a couple of specific types due to a high amount of required fame to level them. Once you decide on your cooking specialization, you need to cook required dish to progress that specialization.

For example, if you decide to be a soul chef, you will want to start cooking wheat soup which is tier 3 until you have completed mastery at level 2. Then, you will unlock cabbage soup at tier 5 and start cooking them.

Mastery Level Bonus

Some mastery level will also reward you crafting cost reduction bonus reducing the amount of focus point it will cost when you have crafting focus turn on. Crafting focus reduces the resource used when you craft an item. For cooking, you will get some ingredients back.

mastery level


In order to start farming in Albion Online, you must first buy an island costing at 1,675 silver. After purchase, you need to upgrade it to level 2 in order to unlock farming plot. It is recommended to upgrade it til level 4 that you can have at least 3 farming plots to work with.

Once you are on your island, head to the North East region. You should see brown plots there. They are for placing farming building. The building menu can be accessed by pressing “B” on your keyboard.

You can then click on the farming tab to see all available farming buildings.

Start Farming

To start farming, you should first need to build a farm allowing you to plant and grow crops. Depending on how many farming plots you have, you also want to build a pasture allowing you to place and grow farm mill.

Keep in mind that animal must be fed. It is a good idea to have at least one or two farms per pasture. In order to build a farm, you will need to place seed on a farming plot. You will then need to provide required resource in order to construct it. Once all resources are provided, you are now able to plant and grow crops.

Seed can be purchased from a farming merchant located on your island near a farming plot. Right-click them and choose “place”. The square indicator will appear around your character showing you where the seed will be placed. You will then need to move your character to the farm in order to plant your seeds and wait for them to grow.

You can harvest them once the plants are fully grown without needing any tool. Once harvest, you will be provided 12 units of that crop as well as seeds.

Raising Animals

Farming also allows you to raise animals starting by building a pastor on a farming plot. Once constructed, you will be ready to raise animals. First, you need to purchase baby chickens from a farming merchant.

After that, place them on a pastor. It is recommended to feed them with crops from your harvest. Then, you need to wait for them to grow. When an animal is mature, it will produce a baby. You can, then, right click a baby and use them again to grow an animal.

You can also pick up the fully grown animal which can later be butchered or used as mount depending on an animal. Some animals such as chicken can be left on a pastor to provide eggs which are an important ingredient for cooking.

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