Expedition Explained in Albion

Expedition is more like a mini dungeon where you can be done solo or as a group depending on your tiers. It can be found throughout all cities in Albion. This article is going to explain how does it work and its rewards.

To start the expedition, you need to talk with an npc located beside a blue portal. It can be found in all of the cities in all regions as well as some fields outside. Each expedition NPC has different types of expeditions and required different gear tiers.

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Requirements for each expedition is different. You may need to wear certain tier for all of your gear. And some requires you to have a minimum amount of power from your weapon and armors. And some you need to unlock specific ability in the destiny board.

Although there is a time limit inside the expedition, it is more than enough for completing it. The map showing on the button right show you where you need to go. The dungeon boss will be waiting at the end. There’s a list of monsters you need to kill in order to complete the expedition.

expedition albion


Silver is a main reward of the expedition. For completing a tier 3 expedition, you will be given 1,000 silver as a reward. There is also a daily bonus given an extra 1,000 silver if you do this expedition for the first time of that day. You can still get more silver by killing monsters inside the expedition dungeon. Normally for a tier 3 expedition, a normal monster will drop around 50-80 silver, 100 silver for mini bosses, and 500 for the dungeon boss.

The amount of silver acquired per a single expedition does not make you become immediately rich, but it is a nice addition to your pocket. Unlike hellgates, monsters inside the expedition does not drop enchanting item.

Also, you still obtain fame from killing enemies.

Expedition Strategies

Rat, archers, thief, mages, and prison wardens are four main enemies for the low-level expedition. They do not use many abilities making it an easy straightforward fight. For the harder expeditions, enemies will be much stronger, using more skills, and requires more technique to slay.

For a target selection, the mage should be your first priority because of their healing ability and high damage spell. There is no point killing other enemies when a mage is there healing them.

When an enemy is about to use a spell, there will be a red area on the floor. It is important to immediately get out of the red zone and avoid the attack. Normally, if you have tier 3 gear, there should not be any problem fighting with tier 3 enemy as long as you can dodge their skills. On the other hand, taking a hard hitting skill for a few times can severely damage your character.

Also, it is important not to be surrounded by too many enemies. If you are surrounded, it is better to run away, pull, and kill it one by one first. Dungeon boss is powerful. You should fight it one by one at all cost. Do not just stand still fighting a boss head on. Instead, run away when it executes skills, and counter with your skills and attacks as much as possible.

Upon dying, you can still restart the expedition and continue fighting inside. You will not lose your gear here. However, all of the items still lose durability. If you decide to quit, there is a cooldown preventing you to reenter the expedition for a period of time.

If you cannot complete the competition, it is recommended to learn how to successfully execute a skill rotation. Not only there are a lot of cooldown in each skill, some skill also buffs other skill damages and provide an additional effect such as life stealing. If you still have a problem, upgrade your gear.