Main Features Introduced in the Galahad Update

Albion Online recently introduced many new major features and minor tweaks inside the latest major update, the Galahad. The most noteworthy change is a complete overhaul of the Outland aiming to bring all players together no matter they are playing alone or as a group. The brand new royal continent layout has been brought out together with new contents to attract PvE lovers.

Galahad should be the final major update because of the official game release on July 17, 2017.

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Outland Overhaul

Outland is the unrestricted Full PvP area in Albion Online with the aspect of guild versus guild in mind. Farming their own lands, building the cities, gaining area controls, creating power, and becoming filthy rich are all belong to the guild that can dominate the outland. However, this concept idea has the main drawback: big guilds cannot fight to each other and end up beating small nearby guides. As a result, solo players and small groups cannot take part in it anymore.

To solve the problem, the Albion Online developer team has brought many changes together with adding new systems to the Outland based on player feedbacks, in order to rise up the numbers of player in the area.

Combination Between Safe and Dangerous Area

The first change is the new combination between safe and dangerous area. Outland will be separated into different types of area. The outside area of the land will be relatively safe but with lower reward in return. It is suitable for solo players and small guilds.

Moving closer to the center part of the outland, these areas should be condemned with constant group actions with ceaseless GvG battles. However, solo players and small guilds are still unable to explore them.

New Outlands Design

New Timezone System

The second major change of the outland is a new timezone system, encouraging an interaction across timezone, especially for the big guilds. In a previous system, top guilds cannot fight one another if they are in a different timezone as the distance between their locations is too large.

Thus, they expand their territory by fighting nearby smaller guilds which would not stand a chance against them. With the new update, big guilds can beat one another, no matter what timezone they are in.

More Expandable Areas

In addition, the outland hasn’t finished yet. It is still a working in the process. There are a lot more areas that can be expanded in the future. Depending on the population of the Albion Online after release, the outland will be covered more areas allowing players to fight more over undiscovered territories.

New Royal Continent Layout

Main Issues

The major current problem of Albion Online is a sole dominant city, turning other cities into complete ghost towns. Although this kind of problem happens in a lot of MMO with only a single big city, the situation is worse when happens with the open-world PvP game like an Albion Online.

There are many great areas hidden inside but nobody wants to find or discover them because of a single main hub where all players can find and trade everything there.

The major hub itself is not actually the main problem but it, instead, comes from the location. The current powerful city, Queensmarket, is located right next to a safe zone decreasing the demand of transporting valuable items though dangerous areas, including PvP zones.

The second issue is that, similar to the outland, the world is too big. Not only there are ghost towns, there are even ghost zones. This makes it very hard to find even a small PvP engagement resulting in an unchallenged gathering with little risk involved.

new royal continent

New Designs

The main goal of the Galahad update is to bring people together and populate the area. The developer would like to increase the challenge to the player through gathering as well as making the PvP happens more often like what it is supposed to be. The is a new improvement in addition to the last update on city guards.

The new map design also comes with a clear transportation route indicating an exact green to yellow and red zone, moving forward to the center of the continent. As you progress to the different tier, you will not only run into higher resources but also encounter different PvE factions.

These map tiers in the world continent go up to tier 7. Not only has it made them very rewarding, but also very dangerous zone as well. Some of the risky zones in the outland might even turn up to be a relatively safe comparing to these red zones.

The world continent will have a total of 6 cities with a clear identity and custom design. There is also has a chess-board-style world map. Right now, the developer team is working on giving a new design making it looks more natural and believable.

Minor Changes


The visual will be greatly improved in the game. The new world map will have a zoom setting giving a better picture of each zone. On top of that, the world of Albion Online now features landmark locations making it impossible to travel through certain routes.

Hidden Underground Passage

The hidden underground passage will also be included in the game allowing you to travel to the impossible zones. The passage, however, will be dangerous.


Expedition is also introduced in the Galahad update. It is a short PvE mission which is perfect for those who do not have enough time to venture out into the open world. You are required to complete all given missions within the given time.

Silver and fame are main rewards from the Expedition. You are also given royal sigil upon completing which are later be crafted into royal armors. Please do not forget that the best way to get top-tier gear in Albion Online is through crafting.

You do not lose gear upon dying while doing the expedition. Only the equipment durability is decreased and you will be transferred back to a beginning point of the mission.

Expedition can be done both as a solo and as a group (up to 5 players) and accepted from expedition masters located inside all local cities.


Guardians will also be introduced in the update. They are colossal world bosses who are defending tier 6 resource in all biomes. Each of the biomes has its own unique guardians. Although the guardians are not that difficult to kill, they have several moves that can slay all unprepared players at once.

This encourages player to bring a group of people or organization. Upon defeating the guardian, you are able to gather high amounts of tier 6 resources which can later be crafted into high tier equipment for your character.

expedition mission

Home Bases

Home bases are another important feature in the Galahad Update. Despite the name, it is not only an area where you can go and customize your own house. Instead, it is the crucial PvE grinding area suitable for all sizes of party, from a solo player to a raid size.

Home base is a map entirely dedicated into a specific faction, currently only at Morgana and Undead factions. More will be added in the near future.
Each home base has two types of boss: a daily boss and a weekly boss. The weekly boss will be globally announced, with the change of spawn time between each timezone. The weekly boss is expected to be heavily contested by players all over Albion Online.

Home Base is an outstanding of how Albion Online would like to appeal single players more. They can grind freely in PvE content and participate in the world bosses without having to fight or group up with other players.


Combat mechanics have been changed giving more crowd control options to tank, moving mobility spell to boosts, rebalancing several skills and items.

There is a new user interface design giving a more modern look. It is also optimized to work better on all platforms, including on a mobile.

New PvE track is added to the destiny board unlocking expeditions as well as giving bonuses to certain enemies. It is able to unlock spells inside the destiny board.

Altars are added across the map providing a good source of Essences dropped by Spectres, tier 6 monsters, hovering nearby.

Gatherer gear can be obtained through the destiny board giving spells and passive gathering bonuses, increasing gathering speed in total. Each type of resources has their own gear set, available from tier 4 to 8.

gatherer gear