Guide to Leveling Your Class and Gear

This article is going to talking about how gear and leveling system work in Albion Online. The leveling system in this game is different than normal MMORPGs where you can leveling up the character from level 1 to cap. Class and leveling system in Albion are mainly based on gear.

In Albion Online, there are different types of gear set where you can choose from. If you would like to play as a tank, plate armor, sword, and shield are what you should wear. On the other hand, if you want to be a mage or a support class, you just simply change the gear set to necessary gear for that class.

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It is impossible to change from a tier 5 plate armor to a tier 5 leather armor right away unless you already leveling up for it. This means that you can suddenly change from a powerful tier 5 tank player to a weak tier 1 mage within a single gear change.

Class in Albion Online does not only limit to combat but also in gathering as well. You can also wear item to help you gathering faster. For example, if you want to gather logs faster, there is a lumberjack gear set increasing your log gathering speed. You can both get more resources from resource nodes and take less time to gather them.

albion armory

Leveling Up Your Equipment

Weapons, armors, items, mount, and literately everything in Albion have tiers, starting from tier 1 to 8, at present. In order to wear a next tier armor, you need to level it up through fame. Fame is exactly the same as experience points in other games. It is required by doing certain types of thing based on that equipment.

For weapons and armors, you need to fight for a certain amount of enemies. For gathering tools, you need to gather that resources. For crafting, you need to craft certain amounts, and so on.

Starting from tier 4, leveling up to a next tier takes a lot of effort. This is where the learning point comes into play. You can immediately increase to the next level right away using the learning point once you acquire fame to a certain amount. Learning point is a free resource obtained daily without having to do anything.

Weapons and armors can be further enchanted to increase their stats. The enchanted tier 5 armor will be tier 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, and so on. Crafting and enchanting require a lot of resources and effort. Also, there enchanted items are sold at a high price on the auction house.

Gear Abilities

Each weapon and armors have their own sets of abilities. Only one ability per set can be active at a time. And they can be changed at anytime you want outside of the combat. For example, if your party lacks AOE attacks, you can switch all abilities from your gear to crowd control abilities. Because of this, even two characters with the same gear set can still have different abilities. The decision to choose abilities based on situations is extremely important in this game.

More choices of gear abilities will be unlocked on a higher tier. Meaning that a tier 2 weapon will only have less available abilities than a tier 5 weapon.

Destiny board is a place where you can unlock all abilities in the game as well as track your character progression. It separates from gathering, crafting, cooking, farming, building, planting, combat, and so on. It is possible to complete all nodes in the destiny board but it would take years.

These are mainly the idea of gear and class system in Albion Online. It is mainly based on what you are wearing. With this idea in mind, it is still possible to mix and match everything yourself such as wearing a plate armor but using a staff. This to create endless possibilities for character progressions.